Artificial Sweeteners vs. Sugar

With the holidays coming up, the concern of sugar and sweeteners and how they affect us become more relevant. Holiday treats are a common occurrence and the harmful effects are always in the back of our mind soon after consumption.
An analysis of randomized controlled trials, published in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition in 2013, found that sugar-sweetened beverages alone cause body weight to go up in adults. In comparison, an analysis of randomized controlled trials of artificial sweeteners published in the same journal found that their use led to lower body weight and less overall fat.
The facts are there and the first step is to limit the amount of sugar consumed per week in order to prevent any health issues caused by an abundance of sugar. Everyone always says “feel great about the way you look”, and the first step in feeling that way is to just be healthy. If that isn’t doing the trick, there is always the option of plastic surgery on those areas you feel insecure about. Visit our website at to learn more.