Bariatric Skin Removal for a Whole New You!

If you recently had bariatric surgery or lost a lot of weight, you know how life-changing it is.

You look better. You feel better. Maybe you’ve bought all new clothes. Or perhaps you’re engaged in activities you previously couldn’t do. You feel lighter and more confident. Most importantly, you’re healthier.

Yep. For the most part, these changes are really positive. There is one drawback though.

Excess and loose hanging skin that remains after the weight loss can leave you uncomfortable, embarrassed and reminiscent of the days when you were overweight. Fortunately, bariatric skin removal procedures were developed with this in mind.

Areas Most Affected by Hanging Skin

The degree to which you experience excess skin depends on your skin’s elasticity, i.e. its ability to shrink back over the new foundation. Elasticity decreases with age, sun exposure, weight gain then loss, pregnancy, and genetic factors. Also, if you’re a smoker, your skin has less elasticity.

Obviously, your skin will be loosest in the areas where you lost the most weight.

The area people are most concerned with is the belly. There’s even a term for the overhanging apron of skin that folds over the abdomen. It’s called pannus and aside from being unsightly, it can also cause skin irritation and rash.

Because there are so many different areas that can be affected by weight loss, there are a number of procedures that fall under the umbrella of bariatric skin removal.

Procedures for Bariatric Skin Removal

An abdominoplasty (i.e. Tummy Tuck) is the most common procedure performed. And there are many different levels. It may be simply a matter of removing the pannus, also known as a panniculectomy.  But there might be the need for a more complete tummy tuck with contouring of the abdomen, tightening the abdominal muscles, and moving the belly button.

Thigh Lift/Arm Lift

Treatment of loose skin on the thighs and buttocks involves an array of procedures that are customized to a patient’s individual needs. For example, an Inner Thigh Lift is performed by creating a crescent-shaped incision that allows the surgeon to remove excess skin. For patients with extremely loose skin, the Extended Inner Thigh Lift procedure uses a different incision that allows for even more excess skin to be removed.

Similar to the Thigh Lift, the particulars of an Arm Lift (or Brachioplasty) depend on each patient’s individual needs.

Various Body Lift Procedures

Since weight gain and loss is unique to the individual, plastic surgeons have to get creative when it comes to removing rolls of skin on the back and sides. So they may employ various other body lift procedures.

In addition, while liposuction is not used as a sole procedure for patients who have lost a lot of weight, it may be used along with lifting procedures to get a better contour.

Breast Reshaping

A large amount of weight loss in the chest/breast can result in the presence of sagging, deflated breasts in both men and women. For men, a breast reduction may be required. For women, the surgeon may recommend a breast lift with or without implants.

Could Bariatric Skin Removal Be Right for You?

If it’s been 12-18 months since your major weight loss or bariatric surgery, your weight has been stable for 3 months, and you’re just plain ready to get rid of that excess skin, then contact us today for a free consultation.

Your surgeon will advise you on the best bariatric skin removal procedures to treat your specific trouble areas.

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