Correcting Inverted Nipples

Do you wish your breasts were larger, smaller, perkier, or just plain different? Most women who seek breast augmentation or reduction are looking for these kinds of results. 

But for women with inverted nipples, the situation is different. They may be happy with the size and shape of their breasts, but are embarrassed by the appearance of their nipples. Especially in intimate settings. 

They may also be concerned about their ability to breastfeed should they wish to have children. So they frequently inquire of plastic surgeons if there are ways of correcting inverted nipples.

Fortunately, the answer is yes. 


What Causes Inverted Nipples?

An inverted nipple is an irregularity where the nipple doesn’t point in an outward direction. It’s typically not a medical concern. Even so, this condition can cause women distress and pull down their self-confidence a notch or two. 

In some women (and even a very few men) inverted nipples are noticeable from childhood. In others, they may develop over time when milk ducts become shortened or breast tissue is reduced after pregnancy . 

Whatever the case, it’s the result of the breast tissue pinching the base of the nipple – thereby limiting movement and stretch. 

Some people experience inversion all the time, while others only notice it some of the time. There are even occasions where nipples that were once constantly inverted now fluctuate between being inverted and erect.

When patients desire breast revision surgery for inverted nipples, the surgeons must determine the level of inversion first.


Grades of Nipple Inversion

Inverted nipples are placed into one of three grades. The factors that determine the grade into which they’re placed are the degree of inversion, the effect on breastfeeding, and the best solution should breast revision surgery be desired. 

In the Grade 1 category, the nipple will protrude with gentle squeezing and pushing on the areola. This can happen intentionally or through stimulation or breastfeeding. The nipple will often stay erect for some period of time after this.

For a Grade 2 inverted nipple, it’s more difficult to get the nipple to protrude and when it’s released, it retracts back inward. 

Women with Grade 3 inverted nipples find it extremely difficult or even impossible to pull the nipple out from its inverted position. 

Any grade of inversion can be addressed with nipple correction surgery – although women with grade 1 and 2 inversions will often try non-surgical methods first, such as nipple piercing or suction.


Nipple Piercing or Suction?

Yep, that’s right. Some women opt for nipple piercing to draw out inverted nipples. It seems that putting a piece of metal through your nipple will keep it in an erect position. 

Of course, this option is far from ideal for most women. And it requires a tattoo artist who is very familiar with working with inverted nipples. 

Meanwhile, there are suction methods that draw out the nipple. Although some of them promise this is a viable fix, the only truly permanent solution is surgery.


Correcting Inverted Nipples with Surgery

Once upon a time, correcting inverted nipples meant severing the milk ducts that pulled on them. Obviously, this eliminated the option of breastfeeding. As such, this method is rarely used any longer.

Instead, there is a newer technique that focuses on releasing surrounding fibers rather than severing the milk ducts. This way, the milk ducts are kept completely intact, while the fibers around them are stretched and spread.  

A small incision is made at the base of the nipple, while the nipple is held in the out position. Then several lines of dissolving sutures are inserted under the skin to hold the nipple in that position. 

After the procedure, protective devices are placed over the nipples for a couple of days. This ensures the nipples stay in position and don’t retract again during healing. These devices can be removed after a few days and the sutures dissolve within weeks.

But the results of the surgery are immediately noticeable. And because the procedure addresses the underlying issue of tissue abnormalities, the  results are very likely to be permanent with minimal scarring that will blend right into the bumps and color of the areola. 


You Don’t Need to Live with Inverted Nipples

When it comes to correcting inverted nipples, you have options! 

So if you’re troubled by this condition, then contact us today for a free consultation. 

You could be one simple procedure away from FINALLY feeling really good about the appearance of your breasts!