Could You Benefit From a Lip Lift?

If you feel that your lips are smaller and lacking some of the kissable fullness from your youth, you’re not imagining it. It’s among the drawbacks of getting older.

As we age the upper lip gets thinner from fat loss. Meanwhile, the upper jaw bone continues to slowly erode. The space between the lips and nose gets longer. All of this can result in an undesirable caved-in appearance in the middle of the face.

But before you start researching face lifts, you may find your solution with a lip lift.

What Is a Lip Lift?

As the name implies, a lip lift involves lifting the tissue below the nose and above the upper lip to restore a balance between the upper and lower lips. It’s an outpatient procedure that’s typically performed under local anesthesia since there is only minimal pain associated with this type of cosmetic surgery.

During the procedure, an incision is placed under the nostril sills and around the alae (“wings” of the nostrils). The plastic surgeon then removes a few millimeters of skin below the incision until the desired lift is obtained. The scar is hidden inside the nasal sill and crosses the columella at the base – creating a very inconspicuous scar.

A lip lift decreases the length from the base of the nose to the lips known as the philtrum. (This area is also known as Cupid’s Bow because the double curve of the upper lip resembles the bow of Cupid, the Roman god of love.)

In addition, the procedure also unfurls the upper lip to make it more voluptuous, while increasing how much of the upper central teeth show when the lips are in repose. All of this lends to a more youthful and pronounced appearance of the lips.

Who Is a Good Candidate?

If you’re looking to only add volume to your lips, you may find all you need from a cosmetic solution such as a filler. But when you want to add height AND volume, you’ll get way more from a lip lift. And unlike fillers, a lip lift requires no upkeep and provides much longer-lasting results.

A lip lift is often performed on older people who want to reduce that aforementioned space that has increased with age between their lips and nose.

Yet younger people who aren’t able to achieve their desired look from fillers alone also benefit from a lip lift. And patients of any age who don’t react well to the substances in fillers may also opt for a lip lift.

And it’s often a choice for patients seeking facial rejuvenation as part of feminization or masculinization procedure.

In addition, there are those who simply want more “tooth show” than their lips currently allow. A lip lift will resolve this.

Could You Benefit From a Lip Lift?

Your lips say so much – even when they’re not speaking!

So if you’re dissatisfied with the lack of fullness in your lips, self-conscious about the space between your nose and lips, or struggle with a caved-in appearance of the middle of your face, contact us today for a free consultation.

You could be the perfect candidate for a lip lift.