Fall in Love with the Fall Specials at Star Plastic Surgery

After a less-than-normal summer, it’s hard to believe that our less-than-normal fall has arrived.

But even though the world continues to be in a strange space, we’re keeping some continuity by offering our seasonal specials.

So right now is your opportunity to take advantage of the fall specials at Star Plastic Surgery. Here’s what we’re offering this year:

Surgical Procedures

For those of you who are able (or required) to keep working virtually, this is the ideal time to schedule that surgical procedure you’ve been putting off. And just imagine how great you’ll look and feel by the time the holiday party rolls around – even if it IS on Zoom.

  1. Mommy Makeover

While there’s nothing quite so rewarding as having a child, childbirth can take a serious toll on your body. So if you’re remembering those pre-child days when you had a sexy figure, why not get it back? Right now, a Mommy Makeover is $1500 off. Or, if you prefer, you can opt for free implants instead.

  1. Abdominoplasty

If you’re feeling less than confident about how your belly looks these days, we’ve got good news. During our fall specials, your abdominoplasty procedure includes two areas of free liposuction. That’s a $2500 value. So remove that excess fat and skin and tighten weakened and separated muscles to get a slimmer, tighter stomach.

  1. Breast Augmentation

Do you feel that your breasts aren’t the size or shape that fits your frame? Or is one larger than the other? Now is the time to change that! Breast augmentation will help to restore your confidence by providing a natural look that complements your body’s silhouette. And if you decide to have breast augmentation surgery with a breast lift, the procedure is $1250 off during our fall specials.

  1. Post-Bariatric Skin Removal

Did you recently lose a lot of weight? Whether from surgery or just a major lifestyle change, it’s quite an accomplishment. Yet, the result can leave excess sagging skin where there was formally fat. That’s why right now we’re offering $1500 off an Arm Lift, Body Lift, or Thigh Lift. You went to all of that effort, now take it to completion.

Nonsurgical Procedures

Though procedures of the nonsurgical variety certainly take less time and require a shorter recovery, they’re no less impactful! So consider one of the following procedures as you head into the cooler autumn months.

  1. EMsculpt

For many of us, it’s difficult to keep the abs toned and firmed – no matter how many sit-ups we attempt. But what if you could do 20,000 sit-ups in just 30 minutes? That’s precisely what EMsculpt can do for you. And all you have to do is simply lay back and relax. It’s that easy. Try it! Buy two treatments and get two free. That’s a savings of $1500.

  1. Botox

Is your skin prematurely aging? Would you like to restore a more youthful sheen? (The answer is yes.) Botox does just that. The better you feel about how you look, the more confident you’ll feel. That’s a recipe for success. And at just $10 per unit during our fall specials, you can afford a lot of confidence!

  1. Halo and BBL Combo

Regular everyday living can be tough on the skin. The sun, environmental factors, acne, and aging can take their toll on your skin. Fortunately, laser resurfacing can bring new fullness and glow to your skin. And Halo Laser Treatment is second-to-none. Right now, if you opt for Halo, you’ll receive a free BBL Forever Young treatment at the same time as your HALO procedure. That’s a savings of $500.

  1. VI Peel

Are you tired of your skin looking old and damaged, and longing for a more youthful and appealing appearance? A chemical skin peel could be just what you need. And with the revolutionary VI Peel, chemical peels are just as effective on dark skin as they have been on lighter skin. Plus, with $50 off any VI Peel during our fall specials, why pass it up?

Don’t Miss the Fall Specials at Star Plastic Surgery

The fall specials at Star Plastic Surgery only run through Halloween (10/31/20) so don’t hesitate!

Contact us today for a free consultation with one of our board-certified surgeons. They will help you determine which procedure(s) will best fit your needs so you can move confidently into the fall.