Get Rid of Your Man Boob Problem this Father’s Day

The weather is finally warming up in Michigan and that means swimming pools will open soon for Memorial Day weekend. Many families will be heading to the beach too. For so many women, this time of year means getting their bodies “bikini-ready” or just being prepared to put on a swim suit or shorts.

For many men, there can be some anxiety about just taking off their shirts in the summer time. They feel subconscious about their chests. Some men have what are commonly known as “Man Boobs.” The medical name for this is Gynecomastia. What are Man Boobs?

Steven Tyler of Aerosmith has Man Boobs

Man Boobs are due to the excess growth of breast tissue, but it’s really just excess fat, which has been collecting in abnormal amounts. This can be a source of embarrassment for men and even wearing a t-shirt or Lycra shirt at the pool or beach doesn’t help the anxiety that many men feel when they suffer from Man Boobs.

Men: Treat yourself this Father’s Day to a male breast reduction surgery at Star Plastic Surgery. You’ll begin to feel more confident about your overall appearance and will no longer get all anxious and concerned about taking off your shirt in public. If you aren’t going to do this yourself, let the woman in your life make this your perfect Father’s Day gift this year.

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