How to Know If You Are A Good Candidate for Facelifts

Facelifts are plastic surgeries which can be used to give a face a more youthful appearance. Often there are so many people who approach thoughts of the surgery with unrealistic expectations and may not be prepared to handle the stress that might come with it. So before opting for a facelift, there is some information which will be required to note if a person is a suitable candidate for the surgery. Some of the factors which can determine if a person would be a good candidate for a facelift or not include:

  • The elasticity of skin: To be a candidate for a facelift, it is essential that you have a skin which can keep its elasticity and flexibility. This is important because the facelift procedure involves the surgeon tightening the skin located on the face to eradicate the presence of wrinkles. Also, for the healing process of the surgery to be fast and effective, it is necessary that the skin can adjust to the new contours which are now on the face.


  • A firm bone structure: A facelift candidate must have a firm bone structure. This is necessary because support is needed from the bone during the surgery for the candidate to get the right final result. If your bone structure is not firm, the surgeon might suggest facial implants instead or a facelift.


  • Good health: Before undergoing a facelift procedure, it is vital that the candidate is very healthy. This is because the procedure is an invasive one and for there to be full healing after the surgery, the candidate has to be healthy.


  • Practical mindset: The candidate must have a practical mindset concerning facelifts and what the final results would be. The candidate must also understand the risks that come with the surgery. If the surgeon realizes that the candidate has unrealistic expectations from the surgery, they might decide that the candidate is not eligible for the facelift.

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