Is It Possible to Avoid Capsular Contracture?


You may not think about it this way, but the body is an amazingly efficient machine. Every system works together to keep it running optimally.

So when a foreign body (such as a breast implant) is introduced into the “machine,” the body’s systems jump into action to create a capsule of scar tissue around it to keep the body protected. Unfortunately, that capsule can tighten over time and create a painful condition known as capsular contracture.

If you’re prepping for breast implant surgery, you may be wondering if there are ways to avoid capsular contracture.

Work ONLY With a Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon

There are preoperative requirements such as avoiding drugs, foods, and supplements that thin the blood for two weeks before the surgery.

But the foundation of avoiding capsular contracture starts with all of the details that go into how the procedure is performed. So it’s important you insist on a board-certified plastic surgeon with extensive experience in breast implantation.

First, a qualified surgeon may choose to place the implant under the chest muscle (a procedure known as sub muscular implant placement) if that’s an option. He or she will also be cautious to minimally handle the implant before implementation to reduce risk of bacterial contamination.

Additionally, an experienced surgeon will guide you to the proper size of implant that will suit you best. For example, if you have naturally smaller breasts and are looking to increase the size, your doctor will need to determine the size that your breast tissue can adequately cover. In other words, too large an implant can lead to capsular contracture.

Finally, the type of implant is also an important consideration. Textured surface gel implants appear to reduce the risk of capsular contracture. As opposed to smooth implants, the body has a harder time forming thick scar tissue around it. Even so, textured implants aren’t ideal for everyone.

How Can YOU Prevent Capsular Contracture?

One of the very best things you can do to prevent capsular contracture after surgery is to perform a daily breast massage. Your board-certified plastic surgeon will likely recommend this and can verbally explain how to massage the region safely and/or provide instructional materials.

It’s important to understand that massage can help prevent the capsule from tightening, but there’s no guarantee that it will stop the process.

There are further actions you can take (or not take, as the case may be):

  1. Avoid Heavy Lifting or Repetitive Arm Motion

It takes around six weeks for the body to form the capsule after breast implant surgery. So it’s crucial during that time that the tissues of the pectoralis muscle are protected from repetitive or intense motion. That means you’re off the hook for any heavy lifting (over 20 pounds) or activities such as vacuuming or raking.

  1. Steer Clear of High Impact Activities

You may be happy to get out of housework or yard work for six weeks. But if you’re a fitness enthusiast, you may not feel so excited. Especially if you love playing tennis or golf, running, or doing any other exercise that requires jumping or swinging of the arms. You’ll need to find something lower key during that time.

  1. Request An Antibiotic Prophylaxis During Dental Visits

This may sound odd, but when you get your teeth cleaned, the scraping can potentially force bacteria into the tiny blood vessels of the gums and then into the blood stream. Presence of bacteria in the blood stream can cause the body to go into defense mode similar to that from after your surgery and lead to capsular contracture. So let your dentist know that you’ve had implant surgery.

Ultimately, if you can work it out as such, it’s much better to schedule all of your dental work (including cavities, root canals, implants, etc.) prior to augmentation surgery.

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Entrusting your breast implant surgery to a highly skilled plastic surgeon is your first best move to avoid capsular contracture and get the results you desire.