Postpone Early Retirement with Plastic Surgery

“Whether you’re a woman or a man who wants to turn back the clock on aging, plastic surgery and non-surgical procedures such as injections and fat grafts are becoming a top anti-retirement expense,” (Erin E. Arvedlund, 2015).

It has become a common fear among professionals that they will be let go from a job because they are too old or do not appear as pleasant as they once were. Many baby boomers are having work done to stay competitive in the workplace because we live in an ageist world.
Face-lifts, tummy tucks, eyelid lifts, and BOTOX have all become very common plastic surgery procedures for those trying to fight off retirement. You should never feel insecure about how you look, let alone when it concerns your profession. People in their 80s are asking for appointments for plastic surgery in order to keep working and keep up with the younger generations.
Star Plastic Surgery in Novi, Michigan offers many of these procedures including face lifts, eye lid surgery, breast augmentations, breast lifts, rhinoplasty’s, liposuction, and many others that can help prolong your feeling of security in the workplace.