Smoothing Turkey Wattle Neck

Has the neck scarf recently become one of your most important accessories? Are you thinking about which one you’ll wear to Thanksgiving this year? It’s certainly an effective way to hide loose and drooping neck skin.

Speaking of Thanksgiving, that sagging skin around the neck and the jaw is known as turkey wattle neck – given its resemblance to the neck of turkey. The playful name betrays how embarrassing this condition can be though.

Fortunately, there is an effective way for smoothing turkey wattle neck rather than merely hiding it.

Causes of Turkey Wattle Neck

As great as it is for keeping us on the ground, gravity is not always on our side. And as we grow older, the skin around the neck and jaw give way to it. This results in noticeable sagging that can zap our self-esteem.

Yet, turkey wattle neck can also happen after extreme weight loss. When the body is subjected to rapid elimination of weight, the end result is often the uneven distribution of remaining fatty deposits. And there are no magical creams, elixirs, or diets that will alleviate it.

Fortunately, you don’t have to be sentenced to a lifetime of turkey wattle neck from here on out.

Smoothing Turkey Wattle Neck

As mentioned above, there’s no anti-aging cream on the market that does much for addressing turkey wattle neck. And while maintaining a healthy diet and getting more exercise are always good practices, they won’t do much for the sagging skin around your jaw and neck.

Thus, the best way to rejuvenate that area and get rid of stubborn excess fat and tissue that’s settled there is through a surgical procedure referred to as a platysmaplasty.

Known in laymen’s terms as a neck lift, this procedure removes excess skin, fat, and tissue, while tightening the muscles and remaining skin. This gives the neck a smoother and more contoured appearance, while defining the jawline.

The Nitty Gritty on the Procedure

In a neck lift procedure, a board-certified plastic surgeon makes an incision that starts at the hairline, moves down toward the ear, and ends at the posterior hair. He or she then goes in to reposition the underlying tissue and redistribute fatty deposits as needed.

The surgeon will usually tighten the platysma muscle during the procedure as well. The platysma muscle stretches from the collarbone to just over the jawline. A youthful platysma creates a deep neck angle and tight hammock for the neck. As the platysma muscle gets thinner and more lax, it creates an oblique neck angle instead of a deep youthful angle.

Once everything is lifted and in place, the surgeon carefully re-drapes the skin around the treatment area. Finally, the incisions are closed and bandaged.

There is also the option of a limited incision neck lift which involves incisions around only the ears. This option is usually chosen when the condition is less severe, since the results won’t be as dramatic.

Finally, depending on the patient’s aesthetic goals, the surgeon may also recommend other procedures in tandem with the neck lift. These may include, but are not limited to a brow lift, liposuction, and/or a facelift.

Are You Troubled by Turkey Wattle Neck?

Smoothing turkey wattle neck with a neck lift is the perfect solution for dramatically lessening this embarrassing condition.

So contact us today for a free consultation with our expert team. We’ll sit down with you and discuss all of your options for achieving a younger-looking and more rejuvenated appearance.

In the meantime, have a great Thanksgiving!