Have Recommended and Will Continue To Do So!

First of all, I have had a plastic/reconstructive surgery before at another practice. After bariatric surgery, large weight loss (some regain) three kids that breast fed, I seriously had my size D breasts in a state where I couldn’t get them to be held up in a bra without looking like I had four boobs. I had a tummy tuck from another practice in 2002 and the experience was “ok” but felt production line with little after care. So I decided to check out Star Medical.

If you are looking for a quick cheap fix, this is not the practice for you. Unlike my last experience (which was “meh”) here you get what you pay for. (or in my case, partially financed for). This is a group of dedicated and skilled individuals who will do everything in their power to get you the results! The BOGO is a nice feature, and made the expense factor seem more worth it at the outset, but after experiencing my breast lift and outer thigh lipo at Star Plastic Surgery, I feel like the breast lift alone was worth every penny. I had more aftercare than originally anticipated, through no fault of my highly skilled Doctor. Multiple return visits to check on my scar’s healing process without any additional charges. Dr. Reisen is skilled, professional, and open to any questions and concerns I had. I have his cell phone number in my phone, and when I did call him once on a weekend, he made me feel like I was his most important patient. From the time you first walk into the door, maybe a little intimidated and apprehensive, everyone at Star is positive, open, and not at all condescending. Maureen was my first contact there, and she was very forthcoming as to what to expect in terms of cost, procedure, and results. They didn’t promise me a miracle, they assured me of improvement. But every day when I put on my clothes and they FIT because I don’t have old granny breasts and thunder thighs anymore….I mentally thank Dr. Reisen and his great Staff. The only reason I gave 4 stars for total experience is of no fault of Star Medical, it is because my own body wasn’t fast as I would have liked in healing in one spot and I found that annoying. It’s all good now.

Susan J., Farmington Hills, MI