I Hope This Will Be Helpful For Other People Doing Research On Their Physicians

Star Plastic Surgery does all of their procedures out of a hospital. I researched for about 6 months + before making my decision on a surgeon (and consulting with many). I can’t emphasize enough how important it is to do this. Additionally, you should be skeptical of a Surgeon wanting to perform invasive procedures out of their offices. If there is a complication they cannot immediately treat you and must call EMT. I have also heard horror stories of people not receiving appropriate anesthetics or medicine for pain at these facilities.

I appreciated that Star Plastic Surgery offers a “Free” overnight stay with all procedures. Now some speculate that their advertising BOGO is “cheap” however, I know that what I paid for my procedures was not cheap when compared to other Surgeons in the area. With that said, its marketing and all of these things are indeed not free but included in the pricing.

Plastic surgery is not someplace that you should consider finding “bargain” prices!! Save that for shoes or purses. This is invasive surgery and all aspects should be considered. Additionally, I highly recommend patients do research and read forums about outcomes. Plastic Surgeons are not gods, surely it’s an art form, however, every case is different and each person will have a different outcome. People need to keep their expectations in check. Definitely ASK questions, be educated and if you feel a Surgeon is being dismissive find another Surgeon. Any surgeon not willing to spend the time answering my questions is not someone I want cutting into me!

I had a great experience with my doctor. She has been readily available by phone and is honest when I ask questions. I had BA, TT and Lift in my first procedure with her. The lift was not complete but again as she explains given that this was coupled with BA it was better to remove less during the lift then to take too much away. I totally get this, you cannot replace skin if too much is removed!

I had realistic outcomes about my first procedure — especially after dramatic weight loss. I went back to her for my second procedure an understand again, to have realistic views. This is essential for people who have lost a lot of weight! Our bodies are not like those who have never had this issue. When attempting to correct it through PS, it will never “be like” the images we see in magazines. WITH that said, I am happy with the results, because I understood this.

I am a Counselor by profession, so I understand the emotional aspects that go into “why” people want plastic surgery. I wished the office had someone who was more versed in this for the sake of other people as I read reviews (for various surgeons) I see their is the lack of “psychology” in the consultations.

Good Luck in everyone’s searches and endeavors finding a Surgeon who can meet your needs.

-Angela R.