Mommy Makeover

well iam 30 years. old and i had a mommymakeover 8 months ago. I would definitely recommend her. She was wonderful through it all. she was very caring and on call when i needed her. the whole plastic surgery staff was awesome .. Julie was wonderful and walked me through everything. and same with nurse Christine. overall my experience with star plastic has been wonderful.. My doctor did a great job and i would go back to her again if i ever needed any other procedures done. i felt very safe in her hands. I was very nervous going in but she reassured me i was going to just fine… and i was.. the pain was not as bad as i thought it was going to be.. it was very minimal.. my breast are wonderful and my tummy looks great. of course im not crazy about the scars on the tummy tuck but i knew that i was going to scar… and i scar bad… but iam very happy with my results… it was the best thing my husband could ever do for me and iam so ever grateful.. Star Plastic is awesome and does a wonderful job.. so please if u are considering go to star..