The Increasing Popularity of Plastic Surgery

While many businesses are sadly suffering the consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic, plastic surgeons have seen an uptick in patients.

Some of this is a result of the Zoom boom – the surge in bookings for surgical and non-surgical treatments in an attempt to smooth out what is now known as lockdown face.

It makes sense given the fact that so many people are in Zoom meetings all day and suddenly faced with every glaring imperfection and flaw they were able to previously ignore.

There are many other reasons behind the increasing popularity of plastic surgery though.

Technological Advances

Because plastic surgery has no specific regional anatomic focus, it has always been a discipline driven by technique and technology. An increased understanding of anatomy over the past 25 years has allowed for a notable evolution in techniques.

For instance, a more comprehensive understanding of blood supply to the skin, fascia, muscle, and bone has enabled innovative and ingenious improvements of many traditional reconstructive procedures.

Implants have come a long way since the 1940s when advances in material science allowed for their development. It’s now understood that such materials need to match the biomechanical characteristics of the tissue being replaced. There continue to be impressive strides in the development of such biomaterials.

There have also been huge advances in medical computer-assisted imaging technology. These have been transformative in plastic surgery, and particularly for craniofacial surgery where surgeons fix skeletal deformities by repositioning and reassembling the numerous elements of the cranium and facial bones.

Finally, it’s now understood that wound healing is a process involving a dynamic sequence of coordinated cellular processes involving multiple growth factors. As such, therapeutic interventions in just the last 12 years have made more than a dozen growth factors available to promote such healing.

Of course, the increasing popularity goes beyond science.

Popularity of Plastic Surgery Includes Better Health

Carrying a lot of extra weight is tough on the body. Not only does the heart have to work harder and there is an increased risk of diabetes, but excess skin and fat results in weaker core, poor posture, and even back pain.

Both a tummy tuck and breast reduction can help patients strengthen the core, improve posture, and decrease back and even neck pain.

Plastic surgery can also improve vision. As we age, muscles around the eyes weaken and can cause the upper lid to droop so much it interferes with vision. Plastic surgery can remedy this.

Furthermore, many people struggle with a deviated septum. Whether it’s a genetic condition or the result of trauma to the nose, a deviated septum often results in problems with drainage, snoring, and breathing – all of which pose health risks. Plastic surgery corrects this to restore breathing and improve health.

Increased Confidence and Social Acceptance

Decades ago, there wasn’t the same understanding of plastic surgery’s health benefits. In fact, it was often considered a luxury afforded only by the rich. And even at that, people would still whisper about those who had “nose jobs” or snicker disapprovingly about women who got their “boobs done.”

Those days are long gone.

It is now a widely accepted that improving your appearance through plastic surgery can make a huge difference in your life. And it’s far from just vanity.

A research study published in Clinical Psychological Science found that people who chose to undergo plastic surgery were actually happier. When they felt better about their bodies and their appearance, they experienced increased confidence, improved self esteem, a greater sense of satisfaction, and more overall joy in life.

Most patients also adopt healthier lifestyles. Without being bogged down by excess weight, pain, or difficulty breathing, they are able to engage in physical activity. This leads to more mindful eating.

At the end of the day, it all trickles down to improved job performance, better social interactions, and an increased sense of well-being.

Find More Joy in Your Life With Plastic Surgery

Given all of the above, it’s no wonder the popularity of plastic surgery has surged. Plus, it’s more affordable than ever. Of course, the cost of the procedure is not nearly as crucial as finding a surgeon whose primary focus is your safety.

So if you’ve been living with a condition that can be remedied by plastic surgery but still have worries, don’t hesitate to contact us for a free consultation. Our highly qualified board-certified physicians will put your mind at ease.