Make Me A Princess: The Rise of Meghan Markle Plastic Surgery

Last month, actress Meghan Markle broke the Internet with news of her engagement to Prince Harry. Some recognized Markle from her role as Rachel Zane on the USA Network show “Suits.” Once it was announced that she will marry into the British Royal Family, interest in Meghan and her radiant “Markle Sparkle” skyrocketed.

Cosmetic surgeons worldwide have been flooded with requests from patients to look like Meghan Markle. Many women want the future Dutchess of Sussex’s nose, which has been described as including “a pointed tip, narrow middle vault, and slight dorsal hump” that is visible from Markle’s profile, but not from straight on.

Meghan Markle Cosmetic Surgery

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen celebrities inspire cosmetic surgeries. This was the case with Kim Kardashian and her siblings, as well as Kate Middleton’s sister Pippa.The “Pippa Butt Lift” was a popular request in 2011. Every time there is a royal wedding, interest in the family spikes and so do cosmetic surgery procedures.

Meghan Markle is a beautiful woman with a unique girl-next-door quality. It’s important to remember, however, that a celebrity’s features won’t be the right fit for every face or body. At Star Plastic Surgery, we pride ourselves on individualized plans and procedures for each one of our patients. Schedule a free consultation with us today to meet with one of our board certified cosmetic plastic surgeons in Novi, Michigan. You’ll look like a princess and you’ll be treated like royalty.