The Simplicity of Sciton JOULE Cannot Be Beat


Introducing the Revolutionary Sciton JOULE

Although it might sound like something from a science-fiction flick, the Sciton JOULE is actually a platform that involves multiple different laser and light modules.

These modules allow for a wide variety of aesthetic and surgical procedures – all in a single system.

So it’s no wonder that dermatologists, board-certified plastic surgeons, and other skincare professionals love it. The Sciton JOULE is completely adaptable, expandable, and scalable.

And that’s good news for clients who opt for this treatment.

It means that every component of the platform can be adjusted and customized in a way that’s most beneficial to both the client and he operator.


What Does the Sciton JOULE Target?

The Sciton JOULE provides procedures such as laser resurfacing and Broadband Light (BBL) to treat wrinkles, dyschromia, hyper-pigmentation, pigmented lesions, facial and leg veins, and even unwanted hair.

It is also one of the first treatments that’s effective on darker skin types.

In the past, resurfacing that involved CO2 lasers and intense heat could cause pigmented lesions and scarring to those with pigment-elevated skin types.

But since the Sciton JOULE doesn’t use CO2 lasers or generate that same level of heat, it can be used on virtually every skin type. (Though it should be noted that rather than doing a single treatment for resurfacing, two to three less aggressive treatments might be required for very dark skin.)


Before After Sciton Joule

Broadband Light Therapy

Multiple broadband light (BBL) therapy procedures can be used with the Sciton JOULE.

Shorter wavelengths of BBL can attack p-acne bacteria on the skin’s surface and in the sebaceous gland. This is helpful for men, women, and teenagers who experience regular or adult hormonal acne, as well as acne associated with a woman’s hormonal cycle.

Another unique technology delivers light therapy to target the signs of aging and sun damage.

BBL energy can also be utilized to deeply heat dermal collagen which initiates the body’s natural healing process and creates a renewed collagen foundation for firmer skin.


Laser Resurfacing

When BBL therapy is not enough, the Sciton JOULE can perform fractional resurfacing.

Unlike with field resurfacing where an area of skin is targeted, the fractional resurfacing laser removes pinpoint columns of skin and leaves surrounding tissue intact.

This action more rapidly initiates the body’s wound healing response and collagen stimulation.

Shallow depth resurfacing, known as a micro laser peel, is recommended for treating sunspots, fine lines, and just plain tired-looking skin. Meanwhile, deeper fractional treatment is ideal for acne scars, stretch marks, mild to moderate wrinkles, and post-traumatic or surgical scars.

The HALO laser treatment procedure brings these two together as the first hybrid laser that’s a combination of both ablative and non-ablative fractional resurfacing.

The overall benefits of Sciton JOULE include increased patient comfort, shorter healing times, and results that are highly individualized and range from subtle to dramatic.


Healing from JOULE

Because there are different modules used for each treatment, the amount of downtime will depend on the condition being treated.

With broadband light therapy, there is little to no downtime required.

In terms of laser resurfacing, if the procedure requires only a shallow depth (as in a micro laser peel), a cooling device is used and the process is relatively painless. It usually requires 2-3 days of downtime.

For the deeper fractional treatments, the procedure often involves the use of numbing creams and requires 5-10 days of recovery time.

Obviously, there is very little that the Sciton JOULE can’t achieve in terms of skincare procedures.

From micro laser peels and fractional resurfacing, to non-invasive liposuction and even hair removal, find out what the Sciton JOULE can do for you.

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