What Are The Most Popular Places For Fat Transfer?


If you consider ‘fat’ the worst of the F words, you may want to reconsider. More and more plastic surgery patients are discovering the wonders of fat transfer.

With fat transfer, also known as fat grafting, liposuction is performed on a body part where there may be excess fat. Viable cells from that fat are then harvested and reinjected into various parts of the body where the patient is seeking more volume.

As surgeons continue to advance this procedure, the number of popular places for fat transfer on the body are increasing.

Popular Places For Fat Transfer

It seems a growing number of patients are embracing this new age of reusing and recycling. So it makes sense they’d see the logic in recycling their own tissues to reshape their bodies.

So where on the body are these procedures most common?

  1. Face

There’s no denying that fillers can do a fantastic job in smoothing out lines and rejuvenating the skin on the fat and there’s admittedly no surgery involved.

The main issue though is that fillers generally only last six to twelve months before they have to be restored. Fat transfer, however, allows patients to enhance the jawline and cheekbone while delivering results that can last several years.

  1. Hands

Who in the world would want to plump up their hands, you might wonder.

Then again, if you’ve ever glanced at your hands and wondered when they started looking like those of your parents (or grandparents!), then fat transfer to the hands isn’t such a mystery.

Just like every other part of the body, the hands lose volume over the years as the skin becomes thinner and wrinkled. Fat transfer brings back some of that volume to provide a plumper contour. Furthermore, it can decrease the appearance of protruding veins and improve veiny skin.

  1. Breasts

For patients who are not entirely comfortable with placing a foreign body (implant) into their chests, fat transfer to the breast could be an attractive option. Plus, they may have the added benefit of losing fat in an area where they don’t want it.

Fat transfer isn’t going to work for all breast augmentation though. It only works in specific cases. And even at that, it’s generally not going to increase breast size by much with just one injection. Repeated injections are required.

Where fat transfer to the breasts has the most successful applications is in patients who have smaller breasts, but who have lost cleavage definition due to decreasing volume at the top of the breast. They simply want a boost.

  1. Buttocks

Many of us struggle with the appearance of our butts. You may feel that yours is too big, too small, too misshapen, too flat, you name it. Most patients are seeking rounder, chiseled, and more defined glutes. Given this general dissatisfaction, the buttocks is probably the most popular place for a fat transfer.

Interestingly, it’s also one of the most complicated areas. It may seem like there are just two domes of fatty tissue back there, but the buttocks are loaded with blood vessels. So it’s crucial that patients enlist only plastic surgeons certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery with fat transfer experience.

  1. Arms and Abs

Fat transfer to the arms and abs is increasingly requested by men. They’re seeking to bulk and shape these areas to get a more muscular appearance.

In the case of the abs, this is known as abdominal etching. Fat is liposuctioned from the abdomen so as to highlight and define those “six-pack” muscle. It’s then reinjected to further accentuate those lines and plump the edges.

The results of ab etching often don’t last very long though. As such, many plastic surgeons don’t currently perform this procedure.

Want to Find out More About Fat Transfer?

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