Why Personalized Care and Procedures Matter

It’s been said time again that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. So when you have a specific aesthetic you’re trying to achieve, why settle for standard-issue procedures from your plastic surgeon?

You shouldn’t.

When you’re considering plastic surgery, personalized care and procedures matter more than you think. So when it’s time to choose your board-certified plastic surgeon, you want one who is going to give you the individualized attention you deserve.

There Is No Such Thing As One-Size-Fits-All

While symmetry and balance are desirable attributes, there are so many other variables and factors that come into play when surgeons plan procedures. Each patient is unique and any surgeon who doesn’t take the time to offer personalized care and procedures is not worth your time (or money).

A truly skilled plastic surgeon is one who customizes each procedure to meet the individual needs of the patient. Before even considering a surgical procedure, he or she will do the following:

  1. Look At the Body As a Whole

It’s not unusual for women to seek out plastic surgery for breast augmentation. And in many cases, women want larger and fuller breasts. That’s totally understandable.

However, if the patient in question is thin and has a small frame, she’s not going to fare well with the same sized implants that a taller woman with a medium frame would. (Even if she thinks she will.) She’s going to need implants that make sense for her size.

In the same vein, when a patient comes to the surgeon with an idea of what’s going to be the “perfect nose,” the surgeon must consider the entire structure of the face and its existing features when planning a rhinoplasty procedure.

  1. Discuss Appearance Goals

Similar to the need to regard the patient’s body as a whole, it’s important that the surgeon discuss what the patient sees as his or her ideal and offer best methods.

For instance, sometimes during a consultation, a patient will insist that he or she needs a tummy tuck to take off that extra belly weight. And that may be exactly what he or she needs. However, if the same level of satisfaction can be achieved through an easier procedure like liposuction, a surgeon who practices personalized care would recommend this.

  1. Take Lifestyle Into Consideration

For plastic surgeons, the patient’s lifestyle choices are important factors to consider when personalizing a procedure and care plan.

There are occasions where a patient wants to achieve a specific look that involves a series of different surgeries. This can take a lot of time. If this patient has a large family or a job that demands a lot of his or her time, the surgeries would likely need to be spread out over a longer amount of time or even put on hold.

Meanwhile, patients who have a poor diet and/or are fairly sedentary should expect to experience longer healing times. And for patients who smoke, they will be asked to quit before partaking in any surgical procedure.

Personalized Care and Procedures Matter

It’s clear that in order to get the best results from plastic surgery,  personalized care and procedures matter. So contact us today for a free consultation.

Through comprehensive communication about your body type, goals/expectations and lifestyle, our board-certified surgeons will create an individualized treatment plan designed specifically for you.