You May Want to Get Less Mammograms

The American Cancer Society recently issued new guidelines that women should get less mammograms done. “Women with an average risk of breast cancer start having mammograms at 45 and continue once a year until 54, then every other year for as long as they are healthy and likely to live another 10 years. The organization also said it no longer recommended clinical breast exams, in which doctors or nurses feel for lumps, for women of any age who have had no symptoms of abnormality in the breast,” (Grady,2015).
Specialist are working hard to find better screening test but this make take time as the area is rapidly changing. Radiologists hope to have more knowledge in the upcoming years that will allow them to be more personalized with their approaches. An important thing to remember with these screenings is that you feel comfortable and at ease. The patient’s feelings should be kept in mind by the doctors involved with any screening or medical testing.
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