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How to Know If You Are A Good Candidate for Facelifts

Facelifts are plastic surgeries which can be used to give a face a more youthful appearance. Often there are so many people who approach thoughts of the surgery with unrealistic expectations and may not be prepared to handle the stress that might come with it. So before opting for a facelift, there is some information


You Can Get a Breast Augmentation After Your Pregnancy

  A lot of women after childbirth wonder if they may get a breast augmentation done. Star Board Certified plastic surgeons recommend that you should wait for at least six months. There are factors that may go ahead to have the six-month timeline changed, and some are: Will you be breastfeeding or not? Will you


Eyelid Surgery

Ever ask yourself…” why do my eyes look like this?” Hooded or droopy eyelids can make you look unhappy and old, which is no secret when you are looking in the mirror. You may want to consider an eyelid surgery if you are feeling this way and starting to notice this. Eyelid surgery, also called


The Mommy Makeover: What It Is & Procedures Involved

A woman’s body image is directly related to self-esteem, and how they view themselves. There is an old saying “When Mama’s Not Happy – Nobody Is Happy!” When a woman feels good, her family reaps the rewards. With today’s celebrities looking young, beautiful and youthful weeks after giving birth, it’s no wonder there is now


Mommy Makeover

Get Bikini Ready for Summer With Star Plastic Surgery

Many of our patients have told us, they plan to spend more time at the beach during the summer months. That may be traveling up north, to any of the great lakes, south to Florida or even just sitting around the pool.  Get bikini ready for vacation with Star Plastic Surgery. Some general tips to