10 Reasons To Make HydraFacial Part of Your Skincare

Our skin, being the largest organ of our body, acts as a filter to protect our other body organs and also helps in regulating body temperature. Our skin is in a constant growing state, where new cells are forming and old cells are dying. There is a huge impact of where we live and what we eat on our skin. If your skin is healthy, it can easily heal faster, prevent itself from clogged pores, blackheads and acne and can fight signs of aging.

Proper skin care is not only about looking good, but it’s also about staying healthy and taking skin treatments that are beneficial for the skin. Poor skin care habits can result in wrinkles, acne, sores, and rashes. When your skin is not healthy, it is more susceptible to infections, disease, as well can have permanent scars after an injury. Therefore, proper care is specifically important for people who experience skin problems, such as skin allergies. Thus, it is imperative to include skin treatments in your skincare routine that give instant and permanent results. One, such treatment is Hydrafacial.

10 Reasons Why You Need Hydrafacial

Whether you are 50 years old or 20 years old, your skin deserves to look best. Thus, it is important to follow high-quality skin care, as this can bring a more vibrant and youthful glow to the aging skin, as well as prevent youthful skin from premature aging.

However, sometimes, just prevention of frustrating skin imperfections, such as dark spots, wrinkles and fine lines, is not enough. Now the question arises that what can you do then for reducing wrinkles and spots on the skin and for restoring a youthful glow on your skin?

There are a number of spa and medical treatments with which you can regain healthy and smooth, skin. But, when it comes to finding a treatment that is not only effective but also non-invasive, and gentle, then there a few options. One such treatment is HydraFacial. The difference between Hydrafacial and other treatment is that other treatments only target a specific type of skin problem, for example, dark spots or wrinkles, but HydraFacials helps in correcting almost all imperfections of the skin. Here is a list of 10 reasons that show why it is necessary to have Hydrafacial in your skincare routine.

No. 1: Hydrafacial Provides Immediate Results and Treatment Takes Less time

The best thing about this facial that it does not require any special preparation as other skin treatments. This is because Hydrafacial can be performed promptly. You will be amazed to know the whole procedure hardly takes as little as half-hour, and you can see the results at once. This is why most celebrities prefer to go through this treatment on a particular day to make sure that their skin glows in front of the camera.

Basically, HydraFacial is a treatment that takes place in many steps. The goal is to brighten, hydrate, exfoliate and rejuvenate the skin, which improves its overall appearance.  This treatment relies on Vortex, which is the biggest breakthroughs in aesthetic technology. This is the reason why this facial is soothing, non-irritating, refreshing and moisturizing because it combines several different facial treatments. Hydrafacial treatment results are remarkable as it leaves the skin looking healthier, younger and beautiful.

No. 2: HydrafacialProvides Protected and healthy Skin

The facial treatments that most Spa and parlors offer generally focus on improving the existing issues of the skin. However, with HydraFacial, you get the infusion of everything, including antioxidants, moisture, and essential vitamins. Thus, it offers a lot for the skin. Your skin is protected from harmful effects of free radicals and environmental pollution. The moisture from HydraFacial keeps the skin soft and smooth and also increases its elasticity, which ultimately prevents wrinkles and fine lines. The best thing about HydraFacial is that it involves various steps and every step plays a unique role in keeping your skin healthy. Here are four major steps that are included in HydraFacial, offering amazing results.

The first step involves exfoliation and deep cleansing. A solution that has a blend of Alpha Hydroxy acids is applied to the skin, which helps in deep cleaning and exfoliating the skin, at the same time, remove impurities and excess sebum from the skin.
In the second step, dead cells of the skin are removed through the chemical peeling. A mild mixture of salicylic and glycolic acids is softly and gently applied to the skin to remove dead skin cells and also for preparing the skin to absorb restorative nutrients and vital hydration.
The focus is extracting impurities, dry skin, and blackheads in the third step. A specialized solution along with patented vortex suction formulated for acne-prone and oily skin is used, which assists in removing all impurities of the skin, which give your skin a glowing and fresh look.
Finally, in the last step, the goal is to nourish the skin. An antioxidant solution, which is made up of powerful antioxidants and Hyaluronic Acid is infused into the skin. The aids in combatting environmental and free radical damage to the skin cells. Thus, this step is the most important as it not only enhance the tone, texture, and appearance of the skin but also provides ultimate hydration.

No. 3: No Discomfort After Treatment

The best thing about HydraFacial is that it is a 100% painless treatment, thus it can easily be included in your daily care routine. It is imperative to take care of your skin if you are concerned about your physical appearance. This is because if your skin is not healthy, it tends to appear dull and shallow, whereas healthy skin appears vibrant and shiny. Unhealthy and dehydrated skin is more prone to getting wrinkles and can also result in uneven patches all over the face. Besides, unhealthy also loses elasticity, which can make it appear thin and sagging.

Most of the facial treatments have side effects and after being performed, they give your skin an unbearable burning sensation. Thus, you cannot immediately return to your work or do normal activities after the treatment. However, with HydraFacial, the case is entirely different as it is very gentle to your skin. As soon as the treatment is completed, you will not feel any unpleasant reactions or pain. In fact, overall this therapy is relaxing and enjoyable and you can even apply make-up after the facial.

No. 4: Help With Wrinkles And Fine Lines

Even though this statement is completely true that at one point you get wrinkles and fine lines on your skin and also it is not possible to avoid the signs of aging completely, however, it is in your hands to at least prevent premature aging.

With age, your skin cells start to divide, which results in the thinning of the skin. The collagen and elastin which hold your skin, start to loosen, which eventually makes your skin lose its ability to maintain the moisture.

This inevitable and depressing process of aging can be slowed and controlled to some extent. HydraFacial works similar to a chemical peel, as it removes dead cells of the skin and also lifts your skin. This aids in diminishing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.

The best thing about HydraFacial is that rather than using acids to accomplish required outcomes, a water spiral suction is used to achieve the same result. Without causing irritation on the skin, HydraFacial gently diminishes wrinkles on the skin.

No. 5 Lighten Patches And Dark Spots

Usually, ladies suffer from dark spots in their 30s. Another name for this condition is hyperpigmentation. Dark spots are caused because of many reasons such as:

When you suffer from any trauma, this may result in the occurrence of hyperpigmentation.
There are some medicines that are known to cause dark spots. This is because medicines cause an overproduction of melanin, specifically when there is exposure to UV.  For example, tetracyclines
And NSAIDS (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) are the most common drugs that induce melanin.
Fluctuations in hormones due to pregnancy, stopping and starting birth control
Acne breakouts and injuries to the skin can leave pigmented skin marks
Darker skin tone is more prone to dark spots

Hyperpigmentation is also an indication of any existing medical conditions, such as Addison’s disease, Hemochromatosis, pituitary tumors, and liver disease.

Most of the people focus on laser treatments when it comes to lightening dark patches, age spots and sun spots on the skin. However, these treatments have their own disadvantages, including teeth sensitivity and temporary aged-looking skin.

HydraFacial with less downtime and no side effects is a much gentler option for cleaning out impurities, waking up your blood vessels and for hydrating your inner skin. Thus, it is a great alternative to laser treatments, because it lessens the appearance of spots without causing any problem.

No.6 Provides Glowing and Beautiful Complexion

We generally hear that first impressions are very important. This is because, with a first impression, you are able to decide whether or not you would like to become lovers, hire or befriend with the other person.

Here, appearance plays a major role in conveying the essence of your true self. Even though, your hair, your dress and the car you drive come in the notice, but your skin is the most prominent among all.

Your skin tells a lot about you. Healthy and beautiful skin gives the impression of vitality and shows that you care about yourself. However, if your skin does not appear to be healthy, the viewer will draw a conclusion that would not be in your favor.

Your internal health can be easily recognized by the condition of your skin. If your body is malnourished, dehydrated or overtired, your skin will show this through its uneven texture and blotchy coloring.

The aim of HydraFacial is to enhance the complexion and texture of the skin by reducing fine lines and visible pores of the skin. Moreover, it gives you a glowing and brighter complexion without any uncomfortable aftereffects. Therefore, it gives you a perfect looking skin.

No. 7: Helps In Cleaning Up Acne

Acne is the most important symptom of unhealthy skin. There are many reasons that may lead to acne. For example, a buildup of bacteria may result in blemishes, zits, and pimples. Besides, the improper shedding of dead skin and overproduction of oil causes acne. It is mentally devastating when you suffer from acne. The struggle to look good usually affects the self-confidence of the person. Besides, acne can further result in acne scars, which also impacts the personality of the individual.

It does not matter what is your age, acne can affect anyone. To get rid of acne, people start using different chemicals to clear dirt and oil from the skin, without knowing the side effects. The HydraFacial treatment removes the need for any harsh chemical peels and washes. By washing away the impurities and dirt in an effective and gentle manner, HydraFacial helps in clearing up existing acne scars and aids in reducing the chances of acne outbreaks.

No. 8: Aids in Cleaning Out Clogged Pores

Pores can hold and trap oil and dirt, which causes a multitude of problems, such as premature wrinkles, discoloration, and acne. HydraFacial helps in cleaning out clogged pores by using its amazing spiral suction, which slides water beneath the surface of the skin and also lifts impurities and dirt out of your pores, leaving behind a youthful glow, vibrant skin and even tone.

No. 9: Use Hydrafacial to Shrink Enlarged Pores

Your skin pores become large because it carries dirt hiding beneath the surface of the skin. The enlarged pores make your skin appear dull and give uneven complexion. By removing impurities and trapped dirt in the pores, HydraFacial aids in improving skin health, as well as make skin pores smaller, giving an overall smoother appearance.

No. 10: HydrafacialReduces Breakouts Because of Oily Skin

Is your skin oily? With oily skin you are prone to acne breakouts, as well as there is a high risk of clogged pores. However, with the gentle spiral suction of HydraFacial, you can exfoliate and remove oil and dirt from beneath the skin’s surface, which ultimately reduces the chances of blemishes and acne.

Poor skin health means your hygiene is poor, you have an unhealthy lifestyle and gives an impression of apathy. Therefore, it is important to recognize the signs of poor skin health. In this way, you can take steps to make your skin healthy. The signs of poor skin health include clogged pores, dehydrated skin, acne-prone, dry and dull skin, uneven skin and patches all over the skin.

Whether you are a female or male, your skin needs a little extra attention. The HydraFacial treatment will give you smooth, supple and glowing skin by simultaneously hydrating and cleansing tired skin cells, and you can achieve skin results that you always wanted.

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