4 Myths About Plastic Surgery


With the onslaught of reality television shows and social media posts that put an emphasis on external beauty, the demand for plastic surgery procedures is on the rise.

Some view plastic surgery as the be all end all fix for all their problems. It is, of course, NOT that. And any surgeon making this claim is to be avoided.

Meanwhile, others think that plastic surgery is disgraceful and a part of the problem. This isn’t true either. Far from it. But with its increased popularity, the myths about plastic surgery keep coming. We’ll look at four of the more pervasive ones.

  1. Getting the Cheapest Surgeon Will Save You Money

Okay. Finding the cheapest surgeon WILL save you money. That statement alone is not a myth. It’s entirely true. At least, in the short run.

The problem is, when you seek out the least expensive surgeon, you’re putting your safety at risk. And you may not make this discovery until the damage has been done. Then you’re looking at even costlier procedures to attempt to fix the problem.

So be sure to vet a highly qualified plastic surgeon. Insist upon a doctor who’s certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. And steer clear of medical professionals who claim they’re board certified in “cosmetic surgery.” Such a board is not recognized by the American Board of Medical Specialties and is considered illegitimate.

  1. A Tummy Tuck Is a Permanent Fix

Not to go all Buddhist on you, but nothing is permanent. The tummy tuck is no exception.

Yes, this procedure is very popular given there is minimum pain and downtime. It’s also highly effective – with the vast majority of patients loving the results for years. These same patients recognize, however, that a tummy tuck surgery is a stepping stone. They are careful to maintain a healthy lifestyle that includes exercising and eating well. When these actions are done in tandem with a tummy tuck, the results are outstanding.   But it does require a commitment from the patient.

  1. Your Surgeon Should Have Amazing Hands

Of course you want your surgeon to have technical ability. I.e. he/she should be good with their hands. But what truly matters is a surgeon’s ability to plan, make decisions, and pivot when needed.

In fact, what you really want is a surgeon with a good head on his or her shoulders, as it accounts for about 80% of a procedure’s success. A good surgeon has a keen sense of creativity paired with knowledge. He or she not only knows what they’re able to, but – and perhaps more importantly – what they’re not.

  1. I Can Use Plastic Surgery Later to Fix the Results of My Bad Habits

When you’re young you feel invincible. People in their 20s and even 30s are able to throw a lot at their bodies and bounce back relatively quickly. They’re still able to handle the ill effects of smoking cigarettes, eating poorly, and exposing their skin to the sun.

That changes though once you hit your 40s. And for folks in that age range and beyond, the ones who look and feel the youngest established preventative behaviors during their younger years.

So if you’re still young enough that you can take your health and your skin for granted, we encourage you to not do that! While there are plastic surgery procedures that will rejuvenate and revitalize up to a point, maintaining a healthy diet and exercise and protecting your skin when you’re young will go the true distance as you age.

Don’t Buy Into the Myths About Plastic Surgery

If you’re considering a procedure to instill a more youthful appearance and feel better about yourself, don’t believe the myths about plastic surgery that say it’s just vanity. It’s not.

Looking better CAN make you feel better.

You’ll just need to be aware and informed about your surgeon and your procedure to have the best possible outcome. So contact us today to speak with a compassionate, caring, and board-certified surgeon. We’ll ensure you have the most optimal experience.