Achieving Aesthetics After Breast Implant Removal

Breast implants were once all the rage. And they continue to be an excellent solution for some patients seeking fuller and more voluminous breasts.

Other women, however, have found they no longer want their larger implants and are requesting they be removed. They want a sleeker physique.

Changes from aging or pregnancy can change the shape of the breast though. So the challenge then becomes achieving aesthetics after breast implant removal.

Procedures After Breast Implant Removal

Sometimes after the removal of implants, breasts may sag, droop, or look a bit deflated. Some of this will depend on the size of the implants. Fortunately, there are a number of options to restore shape and firmness.

  1. Breast Lift

A common reason women decide to opt out of implants is back pain. Especially for patients with larger implants. Bigger breasts can create excess pressure on the spine which is especially problematic during exercise.

Removing the implants eases this pain, but can leave the breasts lacking in volume. So it’s not unusual for a plastic surgeon to perform a breast lift to remove excess breast tissue and skin. From there, he or she fashions a new breast contour to deliver a perkier and more natural appearance.

  1. Breast Reduction

For women seeking to downsize from implant removal, a breast reduction is another option. And in some cases, it may be performed with a breast lift.

It’s very similar to a breast lift in that tissue is removed to create a contour that is sleeker and firmer.

  1. Fat Transfer

Fat transfer is a straightforward procedure that involves shifting fat from one part of the body where there is excess to another part where there’s a lack of volume. While this wouldn’t be recommended for women with low body fat content, it could be an effective way to add volume to sagging breasts while slimming other “problem” areas.

This procedure can also be formed with a breast lift to maintain some volume.

  1. Implant Replacement

Not every woman who decides to have her implants removed is done with the whole scene. Some patients are fond of their implants and the fullness they provide their breasts. They may just want to change the aesthetics some. So for them, implant replacement is the ideal solution.

By swapping out undesirable implants for those that are more tailor made, there is little to no problem with drooping and sagging. Plus, the implant “pocket” already exists so recovery is typically easier and faster than when the first implants were inserted.

Curious About Aesthetics After Breast Implant Removal

It’s important to understand that additional work will likely be required to achieve aesthetics after breast implant removal.

So if you’re considering this procedure, contact us today to ensure you receive the best advice, expertise, and the highest level of care from a board-certified plastic surgeon.