Advantages of Plastic Surgery in the Winter

Are you sick of the cold weather and have a constant eye out for the spring?

Whether you hate, love, or merely tolerate the cold, there is something to be said about opting to have plastic surgery in the winter.

In fact, once you consider the many advantages, you may start wishing for winter.

1. Appointments Are Easier to Schedule

If you’ve ever tried to schedule plastic surgery in the spring or summer when folks are noticing their imperfections, then you know how tough it can be to get in.

But in the winter, it’s much easier to schedule a procedure. With all of the bulky clothes and layers to conceal those trouble spots, there’s just not the urgency to schedule. And if you’re planning a multiple procedure surgery such as a mommy makeover, you’ll want flexible scheduling.

2. Keep It Covered

Speaking of coats and sweaters, they’re also the perfect foil for concealing the early scarring, swelling, and bruising that follows a procedure.

Warm winter clothes are also ideal for hiding compression garments. Furthermore, the cold air makes having to wear compression garments much more comfortable than when the temperatures are high.

3. Stay Cozy While Recovering

Most of us want to eat up as much outdoor activity as possible during the summer. But when winter comes, we have the perfect excuse for snuggling under blankets, flipping on the TV, and staying in by the fire.

Plus, depending on the procedure, you’ll be required to spend between 4-8 weeks avoiding strenuous activities. So while you’re getting cozy on the couch, you can start dreaming about returning to those activities when the spring finally does come.

At the end of the day, with a winter plastic surgery procedure, you’ll be more motivated to rest and recover because there’s little motivation to venture out.

4. Avoiding the Sun Is Easy

Near the top of the list of things to avoid after plastic surgery is sun exposure. The UV rays can negatively impact the incision’s ability to heal.

Avoiding direct sun exposure is a challenge in the spring and summer months. But in the winter, it’s far from difficult. Especially if you live in a climate where clouds overrule the sun during the winter months.

And when you do have to be exposed to the sun, mostly on your face, it’s much easier to apply sunscreen to one small area of the body rather than everywhere.

Even laser procedures such as Halo or hair removal are most commonly done during the winter because you cannot be exposed to sunlight due to the sensitivity of the skin.

Take Advantage of Plastic Surgery in the Winter

By getting plastic surgery in the winter, when it does finally come time to pull out the shorts, t-shirts, and bathing suits, you’ll have already done the work to look your best.

Meanwhile, everyone who waited until late spring and early summer to get their procedures will have to wait until next summer to showcase their amazing results.

So don’t hesitate to contact us. Today. And show off your best self THIS summer!