Am I Too Old for Plastic Surgery?

It’s often been said that age is just a number. There are times when this philosophy is more applicable than others.

For example, if you’re currently an AARP member, your age is certainly going to limit your ability to partake in, let’s say, parkour.

On the other hand, if you’re wondering whether you’re too old for plastic surgery, this is one of those cases where age really is just a number. In fact, plastic surgery is remarkably beneficial for the older population.

Here’s why.

Plastic Surgery Increases Quality of Life

While this is true for every age group, plastic surgery can positively impact the 60+ crowd in unique ways.

Depression and anxiety become increasingly problematic as we age. Some of this is due to a lack of self-esteem and confidence as we deal with an ever changing (and drooping) appearance.

Cosmetic plastic surgery has the unique ability to boost self-esteem. After a facelift and/or neck lift, patients report a renewed interest in life. They feel younger and more confident. It’s no wonder then that the majority of facelifts and neck lifts are actually performed on the older population.

This sense of revitalization can also lead to more intimacy in relationships, as well as increased socialization. Beyond improving quality of life, there are many situations where plastic surgery is a health benefit too.  

You Can Improve Health With Plastic Surgery

Given all of the focus on Hollywood stars and plastic surgery, you may not realize the ways plastic surgery can also improve health. This is especially important for the aging population.

For instance, older patients who struggle with sagging eyelids or eyebrows are working with a compromised field of vision. Because it happens slowly and over time, they may not even realize it. Once they receive eyelid surgery or a brow lift, they find their field of vision is much improved.

Furthermore, there are the increased health risks that come from carrying extra weight. This is of particular concern for those with diabetes – a condition that occurs far more frequently among senior citizens.

Reducing abdominal girth with abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) can help not only to improve blood sugar levels, but it can lead to lower blood pressure as well. This means it’s possible to reduce need for anti-hypertensive meds, insulin requirements, pain medication, muscle relaxants, and anxiolytics.

In addition, shedding extra weight through a breast reduction can help to decrease back pain and increase exercise tolerance so that the patient can sustain good health through movement. Also, breast reduction has been shown to significantly reduce the risk of breast cancer – especially in those over 50.

Finally, most people in an older age group tend to be optimized from a health standpoint because they get regular check ups with their primary care physician.

So the availability of plastic surgery has nothing to do with age. Really the biggest factor when considering plastic surgery for the older crowd has to do with comorbidities.

Comorbidities Are Always Addressed

When there is the presence of one or more conditions often occurring with a primary condition, these are known as comorbidities. In a recent blog post, we posed the question about the viability of performing plastic surgery with comorbidities.

Comorbidities can be physiological or psychological and include diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure (hypertension), psychiatric disorders, and substance abuse – to name a few.

In these cases, pre-op screening and primary care, internal medicine, and cardiac clearance are often performed to ensure safety. Once that clearance is achieved, the surgeon can safely proceed.

That’s all there is to it.

There’s No Such Thing As Too Old for Plastic Surgery

If you’ve been thinking a change would do you good but felt you were too old for plastic surgery, now you know the truth.

So if you’re ready to start exploring your options, contact us today for a free consultation.

Not only will you have a renewed outlook on life, but you may walk away a healthier person!