Eyelid Surgery

Ever ask yourself…” why do my eyes look like this?” Hooded or droopy eyelids can make you look unhappy and old, which is no secret when you are looking in the mirror. You may want to consider an eyelid surgery if you are feeling this way and starting to notice this. Eyelid surgery, also called blepharoplasty is a cosmetic surgery that repairs droopy, hooded, and unattractive eyelids. This procedure repairs the functional and cosmetic problems of the eyelids.

As you age, your eyelids stretch, and the supporting muscles weaken making the eyelids to droop and sag. Aging also makes excess fat gather above and below the eyelids causing droopy upper eyelids and bags under the eyes. Eyelid surgery aims at removing these excess fats, muscles and skin gathered above and below the eyes. When considering this cosmetic procedure, think about the doctors near you who perform eyelid surgery. Are they board certified? Do they have years of experience? These are questions you may ask yourself.

Eyelid surgery can eliminate the vision problem making you have youthful eyes and a clearer vision. The surgery can be done on one or both eyes depending on the extent. Eyelid surgery is however of two types which are;

  • Corrective Surgery for Ptosis

This procedure targets the upper eyelids. The condition here is often called Ptosis – droopy upper eyelids. In this condition, the eyelid muscles do not function as they should, and it is associated with impaired vision. It could be as a result of aging, injury, nerve or muscle problem. Ptosis can also be congenital.

Eyelid surgery gets done by creating incisions on the crease of the upper lid to remove the excess skin and fat. The incisions are however made in a way that they can’t be seen when the eyes are closed.

  • Blepharoplasty

This type of eyelid surgery is usually considered as cosmetic or plastic surgery. It is generally done for aesthetic purposes. Here, extra tissues are removed from your lower and upper eyelids. The doctor creates an incision on the creases of the upper eyelids and below the lashes of the lower eyelids to remove extra tissues and closes it thereafter. The doctors usually apply suture strips to support the eyelids after the surgery.

The surgery procedure takes about 1 to 2 hours. You may have tiny scars, but they will inevitably fade away over time.

  • Recovery

It usually takes about a week to recover from eyelid surgery. However, it may take several weeks for the scars and redness to fade away.

The outcome of eyelid surgery is youthful, energetic and vibrant eyes! Visit www.mystardr.com today to make your FREE consultation for eyelid surgery and start your journey the right way.