Boost Confidence With Breast Reduction

When you hear the words “large breasts,” do you immediately think of women? Most of us do. It makes sense. Large breasts on women is, to some extent, considered desirable. Large breasts on men is almost certainly considered embarrassing.

Yet, women with large breasts often face the same embarrassment as men – with an added dash of shame and objectification.

Fortunately, breast reduction surgery was developed for both women AND men who face the challenges of having breasts that are simply “too large.”

Breast Reduction for Women

Because the issue of overly large breasts plagues women more than men, we’ll start with the challenges females face in this arena.

As woman age, their breasts sag. For women with huge breasts, this can create an illusion of being overweight. Furthermore, there’s the potential for back, shoulder, and neck pain from excess breast tissue weighing them down. In fact, women often suffer from cuts and abrasions on their shoulders from the straps of extra supportive bras.

In addition, the weight of extra breast tissue can lower exercise tolerance and drain large-breasted women of the confidence and sense of accomplishment that comes with a regular workout regimen.

Women who experience breast reduction surgery find it liberating. During the breast reduction procedure, the surgeon removes that troublesome excess glandular tissue, fat, and skin.

For those who need a moderate reduction, the board-certified surgeon will typically use what’s known as a lollipop incision. This is an incision made around the areola and down to the breast. In the cases of those who need a significant reduction, an anchor incision continues along the crease underneath the breast.

Whatever the case, a breast reduction is accompanied by a breast lift to fully restore the shape and contour of the breast.

Reducing Breast Size in Men

Just like women, men have breast glandular tissue. For some men, however, there can be abnormal or excess breast growth. This is known as gynecomastia.

How much excess tissue or growth a man experiences depends on a variety of factors. For example, middle-aged and older men have some of the same issues with sagging breast tissue that women do. For other men, larger breasts may appear with weight gain, or have a genetic component.

And no matter how much a man may diet or exercise, it doesn’t seem to make a difference.

Just as women benefit from breast reduction surgery, so too do men.

In order to remove excess fat, liposuction is frequently performed for male breast reduction. An incision around the areola is utilized to remove excess glandular tissue, and then the skin around the areola is tightened to create a masculine physique.

With male breast reduction surgery in particular, some lifestyle changes in diet and exercise may be necessary to ensure long-lasting results and decrease the likelihood of reoccurrence.

Such changes are definitely worth it though.

Discover a New You With a Breast Reduction

Breast reduction surgery can relieve the pain and/or embarrassment that comes with breasts that are too large.

It simultaneously serves to improve your physique, restore your confidence, and create a more balanced and proportional appearance.

So contact us today to set up a consultation with one of our board-certified plastic surgeons. Each one will sit down with you to discuss best options and then customize breast reduction options specifically suited to your unique individual body type.