Breast Lifts with Implants or Auto-Augmentation?

Are you less than satisfied with the appearance of your breasts?

Have weight gain and/or loss, pregnancy, age, or even genetics left your breasts sagging and lacking firmness? Perhaps you’ve noticed that your nipples point downward.

These are not uncommon – especially as women grow older. This is precisely why the breast lift procedure was created.

It restores self-confidence while leaving women feeling more comfortable and appealing. Plus, it expands their clothing options!

What Is a Breast Lift?

With a breast lift, your board-certified plastic surgeon will manipulate existing breast tissue in order to lift and tighten your breast.

The result is a more contoured breast that reduces excessive sagging, drooping, and minor assymetries.

There are several incision options when it comes to a breast lift.

A circumareolar incision is made around the border of the nipple. It is the least invasive and best for women with a small amount of sagging.

For patients with a moderate degree of drooping, the lollipop incision is often the best option. This incision is made around the areolar border and down to the breast crease.

Finally, the anchor incision is the most common. Made around the areola, down to the breast fold, and along the crease of the breast, it’s the top choice for women with significantly drooping breasts.

The incision required for your breast lift will depend on what technique is necessary. Your plastic surgeon will discuss with you which incision will provide optimal aesthetic results.

Should You Add Breast Augmentation?

While a breast lift is relatively effective on its own, many women opt to add breast augmentation to a breast lift to add even more volume and firmness to their breasts.

The two procedures complement one another. And having them done simultaneously lessens the amount of time a patient has to be under the knife and then in recovery.

This does not mean, of course, that you would be required to add augmentation. You’re more than welcome to get just a breast lift.

It’s just that many women find it more beneficial to include augmentation.

Should you choose to go that route, there are two different offerings for breast augmentation.

1. Breast Augmentation with Implants

Breast augmentation is a cosmetic surgery procedure where a plastic surgeon places silicone or saline implants into the breast in order to enhance size, shape, and volume.

Though it’s often for women who hope to increase the size of their breasts, it can also benefit women who want volume or shape enhancements.

Women whose breasts are sagging after pregnancy or significant weight loss may also choose this surgery to restore the perkiness and fullness of the breasts.

Results from this procedure will vary depending on a number of factors including your body shape and size, as well as the material you choose for your implants. These are all issues that will be discussed with the surgeon ahead of time.

2. Auto-Augmentation Breast Lift

This procedure is similar to a traditional breast lift.

The surgeon typically starts with an anchor incision on the lower part of the breast.

What makes this procedure different is that after the excess skin’s outer layer is removed, the breast tissue is adjusted. It’s then tightened to create a firmer, perkier mound.

From there the skin is closed around the newly tightened gland to deliver more youthful-looking breasts.

Within two weeks, most women are back to their regular activities with restored confidence and vigor.

Wondering If a Breast Lift is Right for You?

If you’re tired of feeling down about sagging or drooping breasts, then it’s time to explore what a breast lift could do for you.

The best way to determine candidacy for a breast lift – either with or with-out augmentation – is through a one-on-one consultation with one of our board-certified plastic surgeons.

So contact us today. And rest assured in knowing that our surgeons use only proven surgical techniques and take the time necessary to ensure you’re comfortable and satisfied with your results.