Brighten Your Face With a Brow Lift

Over the years, you may have noticed wrinkling across the forehead or heaviness around the brow. Then again, it may be happening so gradually that you don’t even notice it. But others might.

Whatever the case, that heavy brow can leave you looking much older than you truly are. It may even give you an appearance of being sad, tired, or angry! Nobody wants that.

So why not brighten your face with a brow lift? Also known as a forehead lift, this procedure will lift your eyebrows to give you a lighter, happier, and fully refreshed appearance.

Reasons to Brighten Your Face With a Brow Lift

Obviously, if you’re not truly unhappy or angry, there’s no need to look like you are. Furthermore, wouldn’t you love to have a return to the natural shape of your eyes?

A brow lift will give you just that. Not only will it open and restore that natural shape, but it will smooth forehead wrinkles and bring balance to the upper and lower face for a brighter appearance.

So how is this done? All it takes is the removal of excess skin bunching and a possible repositioning of the skin and muscles around the brow.

Different Types of Brow Lifts

A brow lift is personalized to your specifications. In addition to your own aesthetic goals, your plastic surgeon will consider your hairline position, hair type, degree of lift needed, and your individual facial characteristics to determine which type is right for you.

  1. Endoscopic

If you’ve noticed the heaviness in your brow before it’s gotten too serious, the surgeon will likely recommend an endoscopic brow lift. With this minimally invasive technique, a series of small incisions are performed and endoscopic cameras are utilized to provide detailed visualization. With this procedure, tissue is suspended rather than removed.

  1. Coronal

If you have more serious sagging and a low hairline, a coronal brow lift is ideal. In this procedure, the incision extends from above the ear over to the opposite ear and is hidden by the hair. It delivers long lasting results with a natural appearance.

  1. Pretrichial

For patients with high hairlines, a pretrichial brow lift will, contrary to its name, actually lower the hairline while providing a fuller look to the hair. The carefully designed incision is inconspicuous as it follows the hairline on its natural course.

In all cases, a brow lift tightens loose skin of the forehead, reduces wrinkling, and raises drooping brows. In some cases, part of the muscle that’s responsible for frown lines between the brows is removed or trimmed.

What To Expect After Surgery

Pain after surgery is minimal and typically requires only OTC pain relievers. In some cases, mild pain medication may be required and will be carefully prescribed and monitored by the doctor.

Most patients return to work in four to seven days following a brow lift. A return to exercise is usually advised within two to four weeks. Your results will vary and you can discuss your recovery plan with your doctor.

Seeking a More Youthful Expression?

If so, then it might be time to rejuvenate and brighten your face with a brow lift.

Contact us today to get a free consultation with our team of professionals. They’ll determine the ideal brow lift for your situation. They may even recommend additional procedures such as an eyelid lift or BOTOX® treatments to maximize the results of your brow lift.

Get ready to glow again!