Could You Benefit from an Arm or Thigh Lift?

Have you experienced substantial weight loss?

Whether this weight loss was intentional or the result of some other situation, it may have left your arms and thighs drooping with excess skin.

Regardless of how much you may exercise, it just doesn’t seem to disappear.

If that sounds like you, it could be time to look into an arm or thigh lift.


What Is an Arm Lift?

If the skin under your arms is sagging as a result of weight loss or aging, you may feel uncomfortable wearing a wide array of cute and comfortable summer clothing.

You may even opt for long sleeves during the summer – which leave you hot and uncomfortable during those days or weeks of intense heat.

And forget about donning a bathing suit.

You may be able to ditch the long sleeves this summer and show off your arms again with an arm lift. Also known as brachioplasty, this surgical procedure removes excess fat and skin from your arms.

It can be done alone or in addition to other body contouring procedures.


Are You a Candidate for Brachioplasty?

If you’re a non-smoker who has maintained a stable and healthy weight, and you don’t have any medical conditions that could impair healing, you’ll want to set up a consultation with one of our board-certified plastic surgeons.

The particulars of your arm lift will depend on your unique needs. The removal of excess fat with liposuction in conjunction with skin removal will allow the surgeon to tighten the sagging skin to the muscles of the arm.

The size of the incision and the amount of skin removed will depend on your specific body type. The surgeon will work closely with you to help ensure a desirable final outcome.

You’ll need to wear elastic bandages after the surgery to minimize swelling. As swelling subsides, results will continue to improve.

Whatever the case, it’s important to follow the surgeon’s specific aftercare instructions to ensure optimal recovery.


What Is a Thigh Lift?

Just as substantial weight loss and aging can leave the skin under the arms droopy, so too can they impact the thighs.

When the thighs have excess skin, cellulite, or loose tissue, it can be difficult to find clothes that fit well. It’s even more difficult to find stylish clothes.

In cases such as these, many patients opt for a thigh lift.

A consultation with one of our board-certified plastic surgeons can help to determine which type of procedure is right for you.


Different Types of Thigh Lifts

For optimal results, thigh lift procedures are frequently performed along with liposuction.

Our surgeons perform tumescent liposuction which is more effective, safer, and less painful than traditional liposuction. It also has a quicker recovery time. The result is almost no scarring, minimal downtime, and a drastic improvement to the silhouette.


Inner Thigh Lift

If you have excess loose skin or fat in your upper thighs, your surgeon may  recommend an inner thigh lift.

With this procedure, a crescent-shaped incision is made that stretches from the back of the mid-thigh to the front. The surgeon can then remove excess skin and fat to create a slimmer thigh appearance.

Scarring is minimal and can generally be hidden beneath clothing.


Extended Inner Thigh Lift

For those with extremely loose skin, muscles, and fat on their thighs, there is the extended inner thigh lift.

Just as the name implies, this procedure is an extended version of the inner thigh lift. Using a T-shaped or L-shaped incision, however, the surgeon is able to remove significantly more excess fat and skin.

While the scar in this case will also bear that T-shape or L-shape, any scarring can usually be concealed with clothing.

Whichever procedure your surgeon deems most appropriate for you, it will be important to follow your surgeon’s specific recovery instructions to ensure optimal outcomes.

The first two weeks of recovery, patients are advised to perform only light activities. Driving and walking for exercise can be resumed after those two weeks.


Bring back Defined Arms and Legs with an Arm or Thigh Lift

When diet and exercise just aren’t doing the trick, you can always turn to one of our highly trained plastic surgeons for an arm or thigh lift.

If you maintain a healthy lifestyle, you should see long-lasting results.

So that means you can enjoy your summers in comfort and with a new found confidence – year after year after year.

Contact us today to get started.