Don’t Be Another Statistic, Do It Right The First Time

There has been a rise in recent years of people traveling to get major surgeries performed. When it comes to a large medical expense, we all try and take shortcuts to find a cheaper price. Sometimes this includes going to a different country which is often known as “medical tourism”. 

Every major surgery has risks involved but by going to a different country your risk or something going wrong increases. When you have medical work done in a different country you have no legal protection and chances are you will not be dealing with a board-certified plastic surgeon or who knows, maybe it’s not even a real doctor.
Don’t get caught up with price or you could be another statistic like this common headline, “19 Americans infected during plastic surgery trips” (NBC News). Of course this is just one example of something going wrong overseas with surgery, but even just one example is a good reason to be cautious.  Bargain surgery may not really be a bargain. This is your body and I doubt you want to risk a tummy tuck or nose job going wrong just to save a few dollars. Additional cost for revision surgeries and complications may cost you whatever the difference was if you had it done in the United States.

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