Facial Fillers Versus a Facelift


There comes a time in every person’s life when, as much as you might still feel like you’re in your 20s, your face tells a different story.

While you may not achieve that youthful look of your 20s again, you needn’t be resigned to the visual ravages of aging. So if you’re considering taking action, you may be wondering what your options are.

It comes down to facial fillers versus a facelift. Each of these procedures has its benefits and which one you choose will depend on your specific situation.

Best Candidates for Dermal Fillers

In terms of facial rejuvenation, dermal fillers (or injectables) are becoming more and more popular. Especially because they don’t require going under the knife.

Even so, fillers have their limits. They are not effective for the finely etched-in lines that occur with more advanced age.

For younger patients who are in the early stages of wrinkles or collagen loss though, fillers are the less extreme option. They are minimally invasive and can effectively restore lost volume. Restoring volume can also help to eliminate wrinkles and drooping skin. Along with filling in newer wrinkles, fillers can also augment thin cheeks and fill hollow temples.

Another plus is that there is virtually no downtime – although they do require multiple visits for maintenance. But they’re a great way to refresh for a more youthful appearance.

Types of Dermal Injectables

Dermal injectables fall into two categories. The first are neurodilators such as Botox or other similar neurotoxins that work by “freezing” overactive muscles in the face to treat dynamic wrinkles. Then there are dermal fillers such as Teoxane and Juvederm products which are hyaluronic acid fillers that address static wrinkles such as nasolabial folds (i.e. laugh lines) and the marionette line folds that develop between the corners of the mouth and continue down to the jaw line.

Both types of injectables can help stave off the need for facial surgery in younger patients. For older patients, they can also enhance the results of a facelift.

Speaking of which…

Benefits of a Facelift

Though fillers do a terrific job of replacing fat in the lips or cheeks, only a facelift can actually remove excess skin around the jowls and then tighten the skin. This can render a remarkable difference in your appearance.

Facelifts are more effective than fillers in treating severe signs of aging. Through repositioning the facial fat pads, this procedure improves facial volume and contours. And when working with a skilled board-certified plastic surgeon, you can be sure that any incisions will be carefully hidden for a more natural-looking appearance.

Best Candidates for a Facelift

For patients with deep wrinkles, or excess or sagging skin, a facelift is a better option to address these problems for the long-term.

Unlike fillers though, a facelift is a surgical procedure. Therefore, it will require downtime for recovery. The best candidates for this procedure should also be in overall good health, still have some skin elasticity, not smoke, and (perhaps most importantly) have realistic expectations.

Facial Fillers Versus a Facelift – Which One is Right For You?

You don’t have to face the question of facial fillers versus a facelift on your own.

If you’re considering which is the better option for you, then contact us today for a free consultation. Our qualified and trained professionals will point you in the right direction.

And soon enough, looking in the mirror will bring a smile to your more youthful face.