Get Bikini Ready for Summer With Star Plastic Surgery

Many of our patients have told us, they plan to spend more time at the beach during the summer months. That may be traveling up north, to any of the great lakes, south to Florida or even just sitting around the pool.  Get bikini ready for vacation with Star Plastic Surgery.

bikini ready

Some general tips to help are proper diet, nutrition and water intake. Eating nutrient-dense foods and getting plenty of protein can help tone and shape your body. Healthy foods may increase your metabolism, decrease the stress and inflammation that’s causing weight gain and bloating too. Filling up with healthy fats, lean proteins, and fiber helps. Shape Magazine has a great list of healthy foods you can get at your grocery store.

You also need to drink plenty of water. Most people have heard they need eight 8-ounce glasses of water  daily. How much water we need though is really based on our weight. For healthy, clear skin and to avoid dehydration, drink a half ounce to an ounce for each pound we weigh.

Getting the right amount of diet and exercise alone will not always get us the desired results. There are few women who have the naturally perfect body either. Childbirth, age and genetics affect how we look.  Sometimes cosmetic surgery procedures are the best option. Star Plastic Surgery is able to help you get the body that you want and the body that you will love.

Biking Ready Plastic Surgery Procedures

Star Plastic Surgery will help you determine the right procedure for the perfect bikini-ready body. So don’t head out on vacation without first scheduling your safe procedure. One of our talented and dedicated board-certified plastic surgeons will be able to discuss your options. Call us today at 248-735-3800 for your free consultation.