Getting Bikini-Ready for Your Summer Vacation


As many of my patients have told me, they plan to spend more time at the beach this summer. Whether you’re an Up North traveler to Lake Michigan’s beaches or you choose to lay out by the pool, you’ll want to be in tip-top shape and what is known as “bikini-ready.” There are few women who naturally have the perfect body they want. With a cosmetic procedure at Star Plastic Surgery, I’m able to help you get the body that you’ll love.




Prior to heading off on vacation this summer — whether it’s just down the road to the swimming pool or to a beautiful beach a plane ride away, you’ll want to get your best body before being photographed on vacation.

Star Plastic Surgery of Novi, Michigan, where I’m honored to serve as the Medical Director and Chief Surgeon, will help you get the perfect pre-vacation procedure. Liposuction is the ideal to get you closer to the body that you’ve dreamed about. There are several Lipo options I can perform and these will provide you with a healthy figure as we enter the warm season.

Lipo will help you look your best on your summer vacation or any time in the future. You’ll be vacation-ready following your procedure. Don’t head out on summer vacation without first scheduling your safe procedure with one of Star Plastic Surgery’s talented and dedicated board-certified surgeons. Call us today at 248-735-3800 or simply fill out the form on our website at mystardr.com.