Head to Toe BBL

Okay. Your first question is likely, “What is BBL?” And then maybe you’re wondering why you would need this mysterious acronym from head to toe.

First, BBL stands for broadband light. And in this case, it applies to hair removal. Second, you may not need it head to toe – unless you have embarrassingly hairy toes. (No judgment.)

The point is, you have the option to do head to toe BBL, should you so de-sire.

How Does Head to Toe BBL Work for Hair Removal

Intense pulsed light systems destroy multiple hair follicles in specifically targeted areas of the body.

The light pulses penetrate the skin and are absorbed by the hair follicles. Then the heat targets the hair follicles to obliterate the regenerative matrix that encourages pesky regrowth of the hair. Heat is applied evenly to help eliminate the possibility of missed spots.

Worry not, though.

The heat doesn’t burn or hurt the skin. In fact, the skin is continuously cooled before, during, and after the treatment with a thermoelectrically-cooled sapphire crystal hand piece. Think of it as an aesthetician’s magic wand.

Will BBL Work for You?

Once upon a time, BBL was only effective on fair-skinned individuals trying to remove brown or black hairs. That meant that patients with darker skin types or who had a tan found it ineffective. This was also the case for those who wanted to remove fine white or gray hairs.

So yeah. That left out a sizable chunk of the population.

Since that time though, BBL hair removal technology has advanced. The Sciton Forever Bare BBL hair removal method emerged to address those issues and is now available on the Sciton JOULE platform.

This advanced technology allows hair removal specialists to target not only the usual areas such as armpits, legs, and bikini lines, but large areas such as the back, shoulders, arms, and abdomen.

It’s equally effective for facial areas including the lip, chin, and beard so you can feel more confident on those FaceTime calls with faraway friends and relatives.

So Much Hair, So Little Time

So now you might be wondering how much of your time will be occupied with these light pulses. The answer is, surprisingly little!

Depending on the area being treated and the type of procedure performed, your BBL hair removal can take anywhere from a few minutes to half an hour. That’s it.

There is one caveat though – it’s not a one then done procedure. It typically takes from three to seven appointments before you start noticing permanent hair loss. And in between those sessions, you’ll have weeks and weeks of smooth skin.

Best of all, you can strike your shaving ritual right off your “to-do” list for good.

Leave the Shaving, Tweezing, and Waxing Behind

You may not be able to smooth out every part of your life, but you can get smoother skin with head to toe BBL.

It’s easy, painless, and takes almost no time.

So contact us today to speak with a hair removal specialist to set up your first session. You’ll be so glad you did.