How Fat Removal Helps with Diabetes

Are you considering liposuction to remove stubborn fat that won’t go away with diet and exercise?

If so, it’s entirely possible that you could experience another benefit beyond looking and feeling better about yourself.

You may be able to reduce the risk of diabetes with liposuction. And if you’re already diabetic, fat removal helps with diabetes by lowering your insulin resistance.


What Is Insulin Resistance?

It’s well-known that type 2 diabetes is closely linked to obesity and it begins with insulin resistance. Insulin is an important hormone that regulates blood sugar levels.

In the case of insulin resistance, the pancreas continues to make insulin, but the body doesn’t recognize or use it properly. This condition can often be controlled with pills.

But insulin resistance doesn’t have to lead to type 2 diabetes. Weight loss and exercise are the usual go-to methods stopping it in its tracks. And these continue to be necessary.

However, researchers are finding that liposuction could be a valuable addition.


Studies Show Health Benefits of Liposuction

Back in 2011, researchers conducted a study that measured the triglyceride levels and white blood cell counts in a group of over 300 liposuction patients. Post surgery, they found a reduction in both these levels.

This is good news because elevated levels of triglyceride are linked not only to a higher risk of diabetes, but to heart disease and stroke as well. And the results were the same for men and women.

But the decrease in the white blood cell count is encouraging as well. High white blood cell counts are also linked to diabetes, as well as coronary artery disease, obesity, and hypertension.

The conclusion was that if liposuction, along with an improved diet and more exercise, can improve your white blood cell counts, it could offer a big boost to your health.


Research Continues on How Fat Removal Helps with Diabetes

There continues to be mounting evidence that liposuction has a more positive impact on changing insulin metabolism than a pill. And it has to do with the removal of subcutaneous fat – or fat that’s under the skin.

Liposuction is only able to remove subcutaneous fat. Visceral fat that exists deeper in the body is not impacted by liposuction.

At one time, the overriding belief was that there was no connection between insulin resistance and the removal of subcutaneous fat. But that was before the large-volume liposuction that’s available now.

In fact, in one study, large-volume liposuction was used to remove an average of 12 pounds of subcutaneous fat from 14 healthy but overweight premenopausal women. Of those 14, half had some level of insulin resistance.

Just six weeks later, each woman was down one to two clothing sizes and lost an average of about 12 pounds and 12 inches. Even more importantly, they had lowered their levels of insulin resistance.

When tracked for an entire year, they were able to maintain that lower weight and improved insulin resistance.

It appears that using liposuction as a means to combat type 2 diabetes is especially effective in patients who have gained 20 or 30 pounds over a relatively short period of time such as during pregnancy or while recovering from an injury.


Motivation to Stay Healthy Increases after Liposuction

Another benefit of choosing a fat removal procedure is the effect it will have on your attitude toward diet and exercise. Because liposuction gives you a newly sculpted body, you’ll feel more confident about going to the gym or fitness classes.

For most patients, liposuction proves to be the trigger they need to change their lifestyles toward improved diet and more exercise. Once they look and feel better, they’re more inspired to maintain that.


Could Liposuction Have Health Benefits for You?

You can certainly opt for the liposuction procedure simply to look and feel better about yourself. That’s reason enough.

But knowing that fat removal helps with diabetes and other conditions, liposuction may have even farther-reaching results.

Whatever your reasons for fat removal, we will custom tailor your procedure to deliver the results you desire.

So contact us to schedule your free consultation. And get the body you want – inside and out.