How Old Will You Look in the Future?

The “aging suit” is the newest in virtual reality technology, which allows you to get the full simulation of the growing old effect. The suit is called Genworth R70i Aging Experience, was created by a 62-year-old man named Bran Ferran who is the former president of research and development for Disney. This division created all of the “magic” at the theme parks and studios.
This special suit has bolts and hinges at every joint to give the aging effect more of a real life experience. The suit itself looks like some sort of superhero costume while “the helmet simulates impaired vision, hearing loss, and cognitive deterioration,” (Lidz,2015). While giving you insights on what it is to be old, you may start to reflect on how you actually look as well.
In today’s world, you may not be able to prevent feeling old, but you can control the aging process with plastic surgery. The board-certified plastic surgeons at Star Plastic Surgery offer a wide range of body contouring procedures for every shape and size body, breast enhancements, as well as facial procedures. Our doctors have extensive experience in providing our clients with superior cosmetic plastic surgery procedures including:
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  •          Body Contouring & Lifts
  •         Facial Plastic Surgery

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