Ideal Body Areas for Liposuction


Fat is fat, right? Well, no.

Whether you’re attempting to lose weight or in your desired weight range, there’s a good chance you struggle with areas where stubborn fat just won’t disappear. And it doesn’t matter how much you diet and exercise.

If this sounds familiar, then liposuction could be the solution you’ve been seeking. And with so many available body areas for liposuction, there’s a good chance you’ll find a procedure that responds well for your problematic flab.

The Best Body Areas for Liposuction

Liposuction could, in theory, be done almost anywhere on the body. But areas where the skin is firmer and more toned are going to deliver the best post-operative results.

These most commonly include the following:


If you have a “muffin top,” you may not find it very appetizing. Most people would prefer to bid theirs farewell. It’s for this reason that the lower region of the abdomen is such a popular place for liposuction.

But the upper region of the abdomen offers up challenges as well. It’s hard to achieve a sleek and slim profile when there’s a stubborn layer of fat between your ribs and belly button. Liposuction can put the kibosh on it.

Thighs and Lower Legs

Whether you’re carrying saddlebags on your outer thighs, troubled by a “banana roll” on your posterior thighs, or want a noticeable inner thigh gap, liposuction can do the trick.

Though less common, liposuction can also be performed on the lower leg to offer a more proportionate and sleeker profile to the entire leg.


If you’re close to having that hourglass figure but can’t quite shake the fatty filler that keeps it from happening, liposuction can help. Liposuction on the hips removes excess fat deposits to deliver that well-defined figure. And as an added bonus, it can also improve the appearance of the buttocks.

Waist, Flanks, and Buttocks

Most of us don’t feel much love for those love handles that show up on the waist and flank. Unfortunately, they’re all too common. And diet and exercise do nothing to eliminate them. Liposuction is a viable solution in this case.

Meanwhile, if you’re not comfortable with the amount of junk in your trunk, liposuction to the buttocks can give you a more proportionate appearance.

Upper Arms

Many women are embarrassed by jiggly upper arms as they get older. But this excess skin doesn’t just plague women.

Whatever the case, liposuction can tackle this issue by smoothing and tightening this problem area to define and rejuvenate the arms.

Chest and Back

More often than not, liposuction to the chest (independent of breast augmentation) is performed on men. Particularly those struggling with gynecomastia.

Liposuction to the back, however, is more common for women. So if you’re embarrassed by unsightly “bra rolls,” you can address them through liposuction for a more streamlined and firmer appearance.


Finally, excess neck fat doesn’t always render the cutest little baby face. If you’re longing for a more defined contour, then liposuction on the neck could be a great choice.

Interested in Liposuction?

With so many available body areas for liposuction, there’s bound to be a procedure to help you with stubborn excess fat.

So if you’re curious about how liposuction could help you, contact us today. You’ll be amazed at the vast number of possibilities.