Long-Term Weight Loss From A Tummy Tuck?

Are you sick and tired of working so hard to remove stubborn abdominal fat and excess skin that won’t go away? It’s frustrating.

Of course, following a healthy diet and exercising regularly are great ways to maintain your overall health. Still, it can be discouraging when you’re not seeing the results you desire.

And maybe you’ve considered surgery, but figured long-term weight loss from a tummy tuck wasn’t possible. Think again.

You Can Experience Long-Term Weight Loss from a Tummy Tuck

Yep. New studies and research are pointing to preliminary evidence that patients who undergo a tummy tuck CAN experience long-term weight loss. So what makes a tummy tuck more successful than other diets or weight-loss strategies?

It turns out that after a tummy tuck surgery, patients report that they feel fuller after eating than when they did before the procedure. This means they’re less prone to snacking or engaging in other unhealthy eating habits.

So how could this be? Nobody is 100% sure. But researchers speculate that fat cells release hormones that stimulate the appetite. By removing excess fat from the abdominal region, those cells are systematically eliminated. Again, this is speculation.

But it’s hard to argue the studies that show roughly 75% of patients feeling more satiated after meals and throughout the day after a tummy tuck procedure.

Additional Reasons Tummy Tucks Work

Aside from the purely biological factors, a tummy tuck may also increase motivation in patients to maintain weight loss. After the procedure, patients are conscious of the decrease in abdominal fat and it feels great! This, in turn, motivates them to maintain and even improve their new shape further. They often feel compelled to start an even healthier lifestyle routine than they may have had pre-surgery.

It makes a big difference when diet and exercise actually garner the results they were initially trying to receive before the tummy tuck.

In addition, patients are aware that fat cells can re-emerge and create havoc. So on a purely practical level, once they’ve made the physical and financial commitment to a tummy tuck surgery, they’re going to be motivated to maintain those results.

And as we mentioned above, you can’t go wrong with a lifetime of healthy diet and regular exercise. When continued after a tummy tuck, you’ll feel and LOOK fantastic.

Are You Ready for a Tummy Tuck?

A tummy tuck procedure is not a short-term thing that’ll only last a few months.

Obviously, you’ll play a role in your tummy tuck and long-term weight loss goals, but if you’re ready to explore the options, contact us today.

Our board-certified plastic surgeons have the experience and the skills to help you create long-lasting results. And you’ll notice a huge bump in your self-esteem (instead of your abdomen!)