Maintaining Nonsurgical Body Contouring


When you glance in the mirror, do you immediately see those “trouble” spots? This can be especially irritating when you’re eating well and exercising, but it’s not making a difference. Yet, you may not be ready for surgery just yet.

Fortunately, new and emerging technologies have made it possible to tone muscles, burn fat, and shape your body in the way you desire without going under the knife.

So it’s no wonder that patients are clamoring for nonsurgical body contouring procedures.

How Does Nonsurgical Body Contouring Work?

Body contouring is a relatively new field of aesthetic medicine. Its objective is to sculpt, tone, and contour the body without surgery. Instead, these non-invasive treatments use a range of state-of-the-art technology to achieve results across a wide array of body areas including the thighs, abdomen, arms, and legs.

Patients don’t see a scalpel or a needle. There’s no recovery time. And a series of quick 30-60-minutes sessions can deliver visible and long-lasting results. The only job of the patient is to show up.

Body contouring benefits include building muscle, losing fat, contouring crucial areas of the body such as the abs, and lifting and toning the buttocks. These procedures can even tighten sagging or drooping skin due to aging or stretching.

The ability to achieve all of this without having to do any work may sound good to be true. That said, it’s important to understand that nonsurgical body contouring is not a quick fix. How you choose to live your life after the procedure plays heavily into its long-term success.

Maintaining Nonsurgical Contouring

Once you commit to nonsurgical body contouring, you want to make the most of your investment to get the best results. With that in mind, there are three main factors you’ll need to employ to maintain those results.

  1. Protect Yourself from the Sun

Keeping your skin protected from dangerous UV rays is always good practice. Even if you’re not having a procedure.

But since some body contouring procedures also address skin issues, it’s important you continue to attend to its optimal upkeep. This includes not only protecting it with a high SPF sunblock and/or sun-blocking clothing, but keeping it hydrated and moisturized.

  1. Be Done with Child Bearing

If you’ve had a child, you know that pregnancy can leave you feeling like your postpartum body belongs to someone else. Fostering a human life has a way of altering the body! No shock there.

So if you’re annoyed with some aspect of your body but are not done having children, you should probably wait until you are. A pregnancy can easily undo the results of any nonsurgical body contouring procedure. This isn’t to say that you can’t get a revision should the need arise. But if you can wait until you know you’re done, you’ll get the best results by having just one procedure.

  1. Keep Up a Healthy Lifestyle

While we have this at #3, it’s probably the single most important factor. While nonsurgical body contouring is meant to address trouble spots that don’t seem to respond to diet and exercise, this doesn’t mean you can now regularly camp out on your couch with a bag of potato chips. If you want to maintain results, diet and exercise are just as important after your procedure as before.

But it’s not just diet and exercise. Drinking, smoking, and taking other substances can also affect your metabolism and damage your skin tone – among other things. All of this will negatively impact your results in the long term.

So once you make the healthy choice to have a non-surgical body contouring procedure, keep making those healthy choices to maintain it.

Could Nonsurgical Body Contouring Brighten Your Day?

If you’re feeling hesitant about surgery and are wondering if nonsurgical body contouring is right for you, contact us today.

During your free consultation, you’ll get a chance to sit down with our trained specialists in aesthetic medicine who can guide you on the next best steps.

And soon you can say goodbye to those trouble spots!