Reduce Your Chances of Serious Drug Reactions

reduce chances of serious drug reactions
In recent years there has been an increase in genetic testing that can help avoid some of the serious drug reactions that take place throughout the United States every year. The tests that occur can determine how people might respond to common medications. These common medications can help some patients but harm others because some people absorb these drugs at a faster pace, while others process these at a slower rate.
Tiny differences in our genes that regular enzymes are the reason for this. Everyone is different and so are our bodies. The fact that everyone’s bodies absorb medications differently shows that everyone can be affected by anything differently. Take plastic surgery for instance, everyone’s bodies are different and they need to see a board certified plastic surgeon in person in order to get an understanding of what they really need.
Majority of hospitals are including information in patient records to help guide the doctor into choosing the most useful drugs and proper amount of dosages for patients moving forward. There is no recommended use, everyone is different and deserves to be evaluated in that way.
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