What Are the Different Types of Breast Lifts?

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Do you fondly remember a time when your breasts were firmer, rounder or perkier? Or perhaps they’ve never had the fullness you desire. If so, now is the time to consider mastopexy – a.k.a. a breast lift. In this procedure, a plastic surgeon can raise and reshape your breasts to give them the look you


The Battle of Silicone Vs. Saline Implants

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Are you considering breast augmentation to achieve a more youthful appearance and increase confidence? If so, you’ve got a choice to make. It’s actually fallacious to say “battle” when it comes to the question of silicone vs. saline implants. One is not looking to beat out the other. Both options are safe and viable; with


The Mommy Makeover: What It Is & Procedures Involved

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A woman’s body image is directly related to self-esteem, and how they view themselves. There is an old saying “When Mama’s Not Happy – Nobody Is Happy!” When a woman feels good, her family reaps the rewards. With today’s celebrities looking young, beautiful and youthful weeks after giving birth, it’s no wonder there is now


Are You Suffering with Breast Asymmetry?

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Anxiety. Embarrassment. Depression. These are just some of the words that women who come see me use to describe how they feel about their breast asymmetry. Size discrepancy between your breasts can be frustrating for many women. This is called breast asymmetry. Breast asymmetry is defined as a difference of form, position or volume of