The Details on High Volume and Debulking Liposuction

If you’re a naturally large person, you may find it far too easy to put on weight and far too difficult to take it off.

You may have even considered getting liposuction, but feel that it may not make much of a difference for you.

Fortunately, there is now high volume and debulking liposuction that was created specifically for larger people whose aesthetic goal is a noticeable reduction in size.

High Volume Liposuction

Not all liposuction is created equal.

In traditional liposuction, around two liters of fat is removed. For someone who is quite large, removing small and localized fat deposits isn’t going to make much of a difference.

This is why high volume liposuction was developed.

As far as how much fat is removed, each state has different laws and recommended limits of fat removal. The American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), however, recommends no more than 5 liters of liposuction aspirate, or fat, be removed in a surgery at one time.

Similar to traditional liposuction, high volume liposuction is performed on multiple areas of the body to enhance natural curves and proportions.

It is safely performed in an operating room with proper anesthesia from a board-certified anesthesiologist and in an Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care (AAAHC) facility. Fluid monitoring, urine output, blood pressure and EKG monitoring, temperature control, and the use of appropriate medications contribute to the safety of this procedure.

Even so, high volume liposuction should be performed only by a board-certified plastic surgeon with an extensive and meticulous skillset and a keen eye for body shape to deliver safe and consistent results.

High volume liposuction can also be performed in combination with abdominoplasty (better known as a tummy tuck) and breast surgery.

So Then What Is Debulking Liposuction?

During procedures such as brachioplasty, thighplasty, and abdominoplasty there is often the need for skin excision, or removal.

For larger patients who are planning surgery which requires skin excision, debulking liposuction is often recommended 6-12 months previous to the procedure. This allows for proper healing time.

Debulking liposuction permanently removes resistant fat cells from trouble areas. As such, skin surgeries result in a nicer aesthetic outcome when debulked prior to removal.

In addition to preparing them for skin excision, this procedure is also performed on obese patients to improve or jumpstart their journey to healthier choices and to improve exercise capability.

Before the Procedure

Preop labs are performed to optimize electrolyte balance and ensure an adequate complete blood count (CBC). Patients with comorbidities may need overnight monitoring of vital signs, fluid shifts, and urine output.

Subcutaneous heparin or intraoperative steroids are often used to prevent deep vein thrombosis and postoperative edema, respectively.

Some patients may require pre-op cardiovascular clearance and possibly a stress echocardiogram to ensure stress of large volume removal will be tolerated.

After the Procedure

Blood loss is minimized by using tumescent liposuction techniques. Anticoagulant therapy is often used to prevent postoperative deep vein thrombosis.

In extreme cases of fat removal, patients may be admitted to the ICU. This is for the purpose of monitoring cardiac output with continuous monitoring and possible use of central lines, with or without Swan Ganz monitoring.

Along with monitoring, intraoperative use of warming blankets and sequential compression devices are used to promote blood flow and normal coagulability.

Postoperative blood transfusions may be needed as well.

Any swelling after the surgery may be hastened by the use of lymphatic massages and wearing appropriate body garments.

Could High Volume and Debulking Liposuction Help You?

If you’re ready to lighten up a bit and think that high volume and debulking liposuction might be right for you, now is the time.

Many patients find that they are able to drop several clothing sizes after undergoing this highly effective procedure. So contact us today to speak with our surgeons and find out about your options.