The Difference Between Dynamic and Static Wrinkles


Are you tired of wrinkles revealing your age? If so, you may be wondering if there are ways to achieve smoother and younger looking skin.

Of course, there are ways to lessen or even eliminate wrinkles. But not all wrinkles are the same. The first thing a board-certified plastic surgeon will determine is whether you have dynamic or static wrinkles.

Once that’s established, the proper treatment can be applied.

Why Do Wrinkles Occur?

Wrinkles are the result of, well…. living. First, you enter life right out of the womb with a certain skin type and the genetics that go with it.

From there, as you begin to truly live, your skin will encounter the sun, smoke and pollution, and dehydration. For a while, it’ll bounce back from the negative impact of these. Even so, the more exposure you have to them, the less elasticity and flexibility your skin will have to recover.

Add to these the aging process and the skin can take a serious hit with wrinkles beginning to appear on the face, neck, chest, and hands. And it could happen at a younger age than you expected.

Some of these wrinkles will be dynamic and others stable.

The Difference Between Dynamic and Static Wrinkles

As the skin becomes progressively more delicate upon aging, the surface of the skin changes shape. This can cause both static and dynamic wrinkles to form.

So what’s the difference?

Dynamic Wrinkles

Where do you see wrinkles when you look in the mirror? On the forehead or at the corners of the eyes? What about those smile lines in the mid-cheek or the frown lines between the eyebrows (known more affectionately as “elevens”)? Then there are the notorious lip lines.

Those are all examples of dynamic wrinkles. They are the result of movement – in this case the face expressing emotion such as joy, sadness, anger, and surprise. So when you smile, cry, frown, or laugh, they appear. When you’re younger, they disappear once the emotion is not being expressed and the face moves back to neutral.

However, after many years (or decades) of these repetitive movements, the skin stretches and doesn’t easily bounce back. Plus, the slowing production of elastic and collagen as we age also hinders its ability to return to its original state.

Treating Dynamic Wrinkles

Since dynamic wrinkles are caused by movement, the usual treatment for them is injectable BOTOX. It’s especially effective for relaxing and smoothing dynamic lines around the eyes, lips, and on the forehead.

It works by temporarily paralyzing the muscles beneath the skin that are the source of the movement causing these wrinkles and lines. In order to maintain results, treatments just need to be administered every 3-4 months.

Static Wrinkles

Unlike dynamic wrinkles, static wrinkles don’t go away – regardless of the expression on your face. They may be the deep lines that begin at the nose and end at the corners of the mouth, or that travel from the edge of the mouth to the jawline. The tear trough lines coming from the corner of the eyes, lateral cheek lines, and lines across the neck are also good examples.

Once a static wrinkle shows up, it will only deepen and lodge itself permanently on your face. Not a result of movement, these wrinkles occur mostly because of the loss of collagen, fat, bone thickness, and elasticity as we age. Exposure to harsh environments, cigarette smoking, poor nutrition, and genetics can exacerbate them as well.

Treating Static Wrinkles

With static wrinkles, BOTOX isn’t going to be effective because they aren’t the result of movement. So depending on how deep the line or wrinkle, the best course of action is injectable dermal fillers, PRP (platelet-rich plasma), or fat to plump the skin and help to replace the volume that’s lost during the aging process.

While they may not eliminate deep wrinkles, they can significantly lessen the appearance of them.

Get Younger Looking Skin Now

You don’t have to settle for dynamic and state wrinkles taking over your face and zapping your confidence and sense of well-being.

If you’re increasingly concerned about wrinkles, then contact us today. The sooner you address your wrinkles, the better chance you’ll have of minimizing or possibly even eliminating them.

So don’t hesitate!