The Medical Future: Transplanting Heads

I read this article about Dr. Sergio Canavero  and his plan to put the head of Valery Spiridonov, a Russian with a muscle-wasting disease, on the body of a newly dead donor. I always find articles about the advancement in medicine very interesting and I love sharing this news with all of our readers. Canavero claimed to of solved the problems his hero, Dr. Robert White, when he got a monkey’s head to live (briefly) on a new body (that couldn’t move). Canavero now says he and a team of 150 will be able to swap out an entire human body by 2017. To read more about this story, please visit this online article

Even though it seems like science fiction, the progress of medicine is developing at an exponential rate. This is evident in the new technologies coming out in reconstructive and cosmetic surgery. 3D imaging is allowing us to have the ability to create an actual mold for the patient. We are now seeing great leaps in the development of bio-compatible implants for cosmetic refinement and integration. The development of stem cell research is enabling physicians to harvest and amplify our own tissues. The future may bring procedures and results that we can’t even imagine today.