The Zoom Boom in Plastic Surgery

Remember the days when you could distract yourself by staring at your coworkers or out a window or even at a wall during a meeting? Ah, the good ole days.

These days, the face we most often regard looking back at us in meetings is our own. Yep. There in the upper right corner of your screen is the world’s worst mirror.

And you’re suddenly asking yourself, have I always looked like this? Are my crow’s feet really that pronounced? When did my nose get so huge?

Such questions are driving more and more people to elective procedures in what’s being called the Zoom boom in plastic surgery.

What Exactly is the Zoom Boom in Plastic Surgery?

In a nutshell, it’s the worldwide surge in bookings for surgical and non-surgical treatments in an attempt to smooth out what is now known as lockdown face.

And it’s not just happening in the United States. Australian, Japanese, South Korean, and British plastic surgeons are all experiencing this same uptick in requests.

It makes perfect sense given the amount of time many people are stuck staring at themselves; suddenly faced with every glaring imperfection and flaw they were able to previously ignore.

In fact, it’s likely we’re all looking at ourselves FAR more now than we ever have in all of history. And this includes the many years obsession with selfies that continues to this day. So in the midst of this global crisis over which we’ve had no control, many people are tired of looking at themselves day after and day and taking matters into their own hands.

Or at least, putting them in their plastic surgeon’s hands.

The Most Popular Procedures

It’s bad enough that we have to look at ourselves from a particularly weird angle on Zoom calls. But soon enough, we’re also no longer paying attention to the content of the meeting because we’ve busied ourselves playing the comparison game with others. It’s a game we invariably lose.

Why does Laura’s face look so much smoother? Does my forehead have as many old acne scars as Ken’s?

So it’s not surprising that non-invasive facial procedures, like skin resurfacing, fillers, and Botox are among the most popular requests. They work to smooth out wrinkles as well as correct the lines caused by the facial expressions we make during those meetings.

In addition, since we’re frequently looking down into our computer’s camera, the demand for neck rejuvenation and jawline contouring has risen dramatically.

And if you think that just women are struggling with this lockdown face complex, think again. Men are showing up with requests too. Though, in their case, it’s more like lockdown hair.

The requests for hair restoration procedures among men has increased significantly. Being in a well-lit room on a Zoom call makes one’s hair look thinner. And since many men weren’t initially able to get to their stylists, they were plagued by the fact that hair also looked thinner when it was a little longer.

Whatever the case, all of these hours staring at ourselves has given some of us a new found respect for celebrities who must conform to the highest in standards.

Fortunately, there are plastic surgeons to help us conform to our own new standards.

Are You Ready for Change?

Life has been challenging during the pandemic. And we still can’t treat ourselves to all of the joys life has to offer – which feels deflating.

In the midst of all of this, the Zoom boom in plastic surgery has helped many people feel better and more confident about themselves. And not just when they’re on their laptops or devices.

So if you’d like to share in this uplifting experience, contact us today. We’ll recommend the best options and procedures for you so you can head back to your computer – and your life – with confidence.