What Are the Weirdest Cosmetic Surgery Procedures?


If you know anything about cosmetic surgery, you’re probably familiar with the more common procedures such as breast augmentation, tummy tuck, facelift, and liposuction.

All of these surgeries help patients feel better about their appearance and more confident in their bodies. In turn, they experience improved mental health.

That said, you may not have heard of some of the weirdest cosmetic surgery procedures that are much more on the fringe of what’s considered normal or even healthy.

The Weirdest Cosmetic Surgery Procedures

Most (if not all) of the lesser-known plastic surgery procedures below aren’t on the menu at reputable medical centers. Not just because they are more than highly elective. Many of them are downright… strange.

And some are even considered unethical by many standards. We’ll explore six procedures that potentially fall under that umbrella and what they promise.

  1. Go From An Outie to An Innie

Each of us has a belly button. In same cases, there is protruding skin that makes one an outie. While there is nothing unhealthy about this, fashion represents men and women with innies. As such, there are patients who are willing to undergo an umbilicoplasty and the subsequent healing time in order to remove that skin.

  1. Change Your Fate

Have you ever had your palm read and weren’t happy with the results? For folks who believe that the lines of the palm have some bearing on how much fortune, fame, success, or happiness they will experience in life, there is now palm line surgery.

Using an electric scalpel, the surgeon creates artificial palm lines that would make a palm reader gush and wax poetic about one’s future. Even if it’s completely fabricated.

  1. Cushion Those High Heels

Anyone who spends time in high heels (and it’s not just women anymore) knows they do a wicked job on the feet and body. So rather than swap out those heels for more sensible shoes, fashion slaves can now opt for dermal filler injected into the balls of their feet to provide cushioning.

  1. Get Your Own Indentations

For patients who’ve always envied those with dimples and felt their lives were somehow emptier because they didn’t have them, there are some surgeons who will perform a dimpleplasty. This procedure involves making a small incision on the inside of the mouth and placing a suture between the skin and muscle of the cheek.

  1. Want to Look Like An Elf? Or a Snake?

For folks who are really serious about cosplay, they may be able to find a plastic surgeon who will perform procedures like ear cropping or tongue bifurcation. The first works by removing tissue from the top of the ear to give one the appearance of an elf. The second involves splitting the tongue down the middle so it looks like a snake’s.

It should be noted that tongue-splitting is particularly risky.

  1. Get Rid of Your “Tell”

While Botox is a fairly common procedure, there’s a new subcategory known as Pokertox. This is when gamblers use a combo of Botox and facial filler injections to alter their facial appearance. It gives them the ultimate poker face and eliminates those telling expressions of what they’re holding in their hand.

It’s Time to Feel Good About Yourself

Unlike more traditional surgeries that can help boost your emotional wellness, many of the weirdest cosmetic surgery procedures above are more superfluous in nature.

If you’re interested instead in a well-established procedure with board certified surgeons, contact us today for a free consultation. You’ll be amazed at the boost in confidence and self-esteem you experience.