What Do Hollywood Celebs Do Before Their Vacation?

Us Weekly, the uber celebrity magazine, has a popular section each week called “Stars: They’re Just Like Us.” Well, we know that most Hollywood celebrities, while human, aren’t all that much like the common person.

But did you ever wonder what celebs do before they head off to exotic places on vacation or even just down the road to the beach or the swimming pool? After booking vacations to fun destinations this summer, celebs — and the rich and famous — want to get that perfect body before even boarding the plane. You too will feel like an absolute Hollywood celebrity with your beautiful body.

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Liposuction smooths, tightens and reduces fat through a combination of techniques based on your body’s specific needs. Lipo will remove excess fat, tighten skin and treat cellulite so you’ll be looking gorgeous on your vacays this summer.

You’ll be vacation ready following your procedure with no scars to worry about. Don’t head out on summer vacation without first scheduling your procedure with me or one of our other talented surgeons at Star Plastic Surgery.