What Is the Use for BOTOX® in Plastic Surgery?

Unless you’re living in a bunker where you’ve been locked away since the late 1970s, you’re probably familiar with BOTOX®.

And you probably know that it’s used for wrinkles. But did you know that there are other applications for BOTOX® in plastic surgery?

Some of them might surprise you.

BOTOX® in Plastic Surgery to Treat Wrinkles

In a nutshell, BOTOX® is a toxin that blocks specific chemical signals from nerves. In cases of treating wrinkles, they are the signals that cause muscles to contract.

This makes sense because if you look in the mirror and contract the muscles of your face, you’ll see that’s where those wrinkles and crevices have formed.

When getting BOTOX® treatment for wrinkles, a tiny amount of BOTOX® is injected in the skin via a thin needle. This relaxes the facial muscles – keeping them from tensing up and accentuating the formerly visible lines.

The number of injections required varies from person to person and depends on a number of factors. But it is safe for long term use and should you decide to stop using it, there will be no negative impact on the treated areas.

Interestingly, as people started getting BOTOX® treatments for wrinkles over the years, those with migraines noticed their headaches weren’t as bad. Doctors began to study it as a potential treatment for the condition.

In the meantime, plastic surgeons started discovering other applications for botox in plastic surgery.


Hyperhidrosis is an uncomfortable and embarrassing condition. More commonly known as excessive sweating, it can be limited to one area of the body or more generalized over large areas of the body. Whatever the case, it can have a hugely negative impact on one’s life.

In cases where it affects specific areas of the body it’s known as focal hyperhidrosis. And BOTOX® is proving to be a particularly effective treatment for it.

Just as it blocks the nerve signals responsible for muscle contraction in treating wrinkles, BOTOX® does the same for signals that cue sweating. This, in turn, stops the sweat glands from going into overdrive. It seems to be particularly effective for the underarms, though the hands, feet, scalp, groin, and other localized areas can all be treated.

The nerves regenerate in four to six months and treatment is required again. But over time, patients will be able to go longer between treatments.

Masseter Muscle Hypertrophy

Although it sounds scary, masseter muscle hypertrophy is merely the soft enlargement of the jaw muscles near the angle of the lower jaw. The enlargement is most commonly caused by clenching of the jaws, excessive chewing, age, or genetics.

Masseter muscle hypertrophy is rarely a health problem. It can be a visual problem though, as it causes the jaw line to become more square in shape. If the enlargement is too big, it can even cause facial disfigurement.

BOTOX® is used to run interference on masseter muscle hypertrophy. Injections are administered directly into the masseter muscle where the BOTOX® interferes with the neurotransmitter mechanism. This produces selective loss of muscle function and an eventual decrease in the muscle’s mass.

The procedure only takes a few minutes, but will require three to seven days before the patient experiences its full effects.

Facial Asymmetry

You’ve become accustomed to looking in the mirror and seeing your reflection. But when your reflection is flipped around, you may start to notice the asymmetries of your face. Everyone has them, to some degree.

Some cases are more noticeable than others though. In situations where the asymmetry is not major, plastic surgeons will often inject BOTOX® in the chin, cheeks, jawline, and/or lips to restore facial contours and bring balance to your face.

It’s a simple and entirely customizable process that requires almost no downtime.

Interested in What BOTOX® Can Do for You?

As time goes on, there’s a good chance that plastic surgeons will find even more ways to utilize BOTOX® in plastic surgery.

But for now, if you think you could benefit from any of the current applications, then contact us today.

The better you feel about how you look, the more confident you’ll be. And during our fall specials, BOTOX® is just $10 per unit.

At that price, you can afford a lot of confidence!