Why Compression After Plastic Surgery?


When patients make the decision to have plastic surgery, they’re often so excited by the notion of looking and feeling better, they forget about the importance of compression after plastic surgery.

‘Compression garment’ doesn’t exactly scream glamour. But it’s an incredibly useful tool to ensure a quicker and more efficient recovery. Plus, when worn during initial healing, it provides comfort and support.

With that said, it may sound like a compression garment is more or less optional.

So Then Can You Skip Compression After Plastic Surgery?

Obviously, you won’t be under the scrutiny of the compression garment police. But you’re strongly advised not to skip this important step.

The purpose of compression is triple fold. First, by maintaining constant pressure to the healing area, excess fluid build-up can’t occur. The body must then absorb any accumulated fluid. This, in turn, minimizes swelling and pain.

Second, less swelling equals less time healing. And the quicker you heal, the faster you’ll see those desired results. Without compression, on the other hand, post-op swelling will last considerably longer and you’ll have a longer wait.

And finally, compression also helps your skin form to the new body contour. This is particularly crucial if you’re having liposuction. It also prevents flabby or wrinkled skin which can detract from the overall results.

What If People Notice?

If you feel self-conscious about wearing a compression garment, know that it’s not your grandma’s/grandpa’s garment. Today’s garments aren’t bunched up and bulky. You can get them in various shades and accessorize them with outerwear. Once you layer yours underneath looser clothes with thick fabric, nobody will even know you’re wearing it.

Plus, a well-fitting garment is going to lay flat on your skin and support your body with gentle pressure. When fitted properly, it doesn’t hinder circulation or cause fluid buildup. And you won’t feel like your circulation is cut off or that your limbs may fall asleep.

Can You Take a Break?

Depending on your procedure, your board-certified plastic surgeon will likely recommend you wear a compression garment 24/7 for at least one week and up to three weeks.

While these newer compression garments have come a long way, there will be times you’ll want to remove it. For example, you won’t bathe in it. And much like taking off a bra or loosening a tie at the end of the day, it does feel nice to let loose for a bit. A short break is completely acceptable.

Even so, you’ll want to keep the breaks to a minimum and not do any heavy lifting or other strenuous activities without it. Also, be sure to wear soft and loose clothing that won’t disturb your incision(s). Then get that garment back on. Because the more you wear it during initial healing, the more effective it will be.

Is Plastic Surgery In Your Future?

Don’t let the notion of compression after plastic surgery stop you from getting your desired procedure. It’s a small price to pay for such a huge payoff.

So contact us today to discuss your plastic surgery objectives and goals. We’ll put your mind at ease so you can soon unveil a brand new you.