Get Ready for Summer with BBL Hair Removal

Are you ready for summer? (Stupid question. Of course, you are.)

But how is your hair situation? It’s okay. We know. The long months of winter, coupled with several months of quarantine and no visits to the gym or anywhere else, left many a razor to rust in the shower.

Now that summer is finally here and we’re emerging from our shelter-in-place, it’s time to return to the pesky job of shaving, tweezing, and waxing.

Or maybe it isn’t. Have you considered BBL hair removal instead?


BBL Hair Removal - Detroit Michigan


What Is BBL Hair Removal?

BBL stands for broadband light. With BBL hair removal, specifically designed lasers and intense pulsed light systems are used to destroy many hair follicles in a short time.

How does it work?

Without damaging the surrounding skin, controlled flashes of light penetrate the skin and are absorbed by the hair follicles. The heat damages not only the hair follicle but also the regenerative matrix that encourages the regrowth of hair. This minimizes the possibility of the hair growing back.

Because this technology allows for large areas of the body to be covered quickly, it’s very effective for the back, shoulders, arms, abdomen, armpits, bikini line, and legs. And facial areas including the lip, chin, and beard, can be treated in just minutes.

The Evolution of Sciton Forever Bare BBL Hair Removal

As with most technology, BBL hair removal technology has advanced since its beginnings.

In the early days of BBL hair removal, the technology worked only on fair-skinned individuals with brown or black hairs. Those with fine white or gray hairs did not find the treatment effective. It could also not be used on those with darker skin types or on anyone who had a tan.

Since that time, the Sciton Forever Bare BBL hair removal method emerged to address those issues. It’s now available on the Sciton JOULE platform.

This more advanced method creates lower fluence pulses of light that are administered at a higher repetition rate than previous treatment options. The pigment in the skin then absorbs the heat and the hair is destroyed. It also heats the follicles evenly to help eliminate missed spots.

Meanwhile, a thermoelectrically-cooled sapphire crystal on the handpiece provides continuous skin cooling before, during, and after the treatment. This combination of multi-burst lights and cooling methods works safely and effectively on multiple skin types, including those with darker skin.

How Long Does It Take?

Depending on the area being treated and the type of procedure performed, your procedure can take anywhere from a few minutes to half an hour.

This is not a ‘one then done’ procedure though. Multiple visits are required. Even so, most patients begin seeing permanent hair loss after about three to seven sessions.

It’s hardly a sacrifice when the result is long-lasting hair removal. In the end, you’ll save both time and money.

Ease into Your Summer

Move smoothly into the warmest season of the year. Ditch the razors – and the embarrassment – and see what BBL for hair removal can do for you.

And right now, as part of our Father’s Day Specials, you can buy a package of 3 sessions for the back for just $750 (a savings of $280), or a package of 3 sessions for the shoulders or chest for just $450 (a savings of $130)!

So contact us today to speak with a hair removal specialist and set up your first session. But don’t hesitate. Summer will be over before you know it.